Middle Kingdom Wrestling – January 20, 2017: Lost in Translation

Middle Kingdom Wrestling Date: January 20, 2017 Location: Pattaya Boxing Stadium, Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand Commentator: Al Leung If I remember right, the previous season ended with a line about things picking up in the spring so I’m not entirely sure what this is. This one is labeled as a Thailand Edition though so maybe […]

Middle Kingdom Wrestling – March 20, 2016 (Season 2 Premiere): When All Else Fails, Go Nintendo

Middle Kingdom Wrestling Date: March 20, 2016 Location: CWE Gym, Dongguan, China Commentators: Eddie Strong, Cam Ferguson This is a promotion that I looked at late last year and kind of got attached to. In a rare personal note, I’ve actually been chatting with the promoter and one of the wrestlers so I’m hoping that […]

Middle Kingdom Wrestling – September 30, 2015: Short And Short

Middle Kingdom Wrestling Episode 3 Date: September 30, 2015 Location: CWE Gym, Dongguan, China Commentator: Eddie Strong This show is kind of growing on me. I’m digging what they’re going for with the really short TV shows and simple booking. I could go for some stories and better wrestling but that’s a universal issue in […]

Middle Kingdom Wrestling – September 5, 2015: It’s Wrestling. But In China.

Middle Kingdom Wrestling Episode 1 Date: September 5, 2015 Commentator: Eddie Strong It’s wrestling in China. I have no idea what to expect here and the show is only nineteen minutes long. This is one of the major countries where wrestling hasn’t spread yet and it should be very interesting to see where it goes. […]