Big Time Wrestling – 1978: His Name Is Garth Vader

Big Time Wrestling Date: 1978 Location: Detroit, Michigan Commentators: Chuck Allen, Mark Lewin This is a rare occasion where I’m totally lost. Big Time Wrestling was a territory that ran for decades in Detroit and was the home promotion of The Sheik (Original, not Iron) and Bobo Brazil. The video I found of this lists […]

On This Day: January 23, 1984 – WWF House Show: The Birth of Modern Wrestling

WWF House Show Date: January 23, 1984 Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City New York Attendance: 26,292 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Pat Patterson I don’t have the proper words to explain what this show means to wrestling. It’s the night that changed everything and gave birth to modern wrestling. Here, we have the new WWF […]

AWA StarCage 1985: How Many Tag Matches Can We Fit On One Show?

AWA StarCage 1985 Date: April 21, 1985 Location: St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota Commentators: Doug Cameron, Ken Resnick This is another of those AWA super shows and obviously, the main event is a cage match. 1985 is about the time where things started to go downhill in a hurry for these guys as […]

AWA Super Sunday 1983 – Hogan’s Entrance Is A Sight To See

AWA Super Sunday 1983 Date: April 24, 1983 Location: St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota Attendance: 20,000 Commentator: Ron Trongard This is another AWA stadium show which have mostly been bad so far. This is before the first Starrcade so this is certainly one of the biggest shows ever at the time. There’s a […]

All-American Wrestling – February 24, 1985: Bret’s MSG Debut – It Sucks

All-American Wrestling Date: February 24, 1985 Commentators: Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino, Jesse Ventura This is another one of those shows that I have a fair few episodes of from this era. This is one of WWF’s weekend shows and I think it ran on Sunday mornings. It was one of their bigger shows and it […]