On This Day: June 1, 2010 – NXT: This Is The Future

NXT Date: June 1, 2010 Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews We come at last to the grand finale and the last episode of NXT that I haven’t reviewed yet. I’m kind of excited for this as the ending of the first one had me very interested indeed. Anyway, the […]

On This Day: May 25, 2010 – NXT: To The Final Three

NXT Date: May 25, 2010 Location: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio Commentators: Josh Matthews, Michael Cole   It’s the next to last episode and we get down to the final three tonight. This should be good as all four are good guys, and yes that includes Slater. Either way this should work for the most […]

On This Day: March 29, 2012 – Superstars: Another Wrestlemania Commercial

Superstars Date: March 29, 2012 Location: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia Commentators: Scott Stanford, Matt Striker It’s the go home show for Wrestlemania here as we’re just three days away from one of the biggest shows ever. Since this is Superstars there’s almost no telling what the matches are going to be. You know unless you […]

NXT – October 24, 2012: I’m Digging This Bronson Guy

NXT Date: October 24, 2012 Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida Commentators: Tony Luftman, William Regal Back to NXT again and it’s still the same feuds we’ve had for the last few weeks if not months. They need to add in some new ones soon because this is starting to wear a bit thin. […]

NXT – July 18, 2012: Who Would Have Thought NXT Would Be The Best Show Ever Week?

NXT Date: July 18, 2012 Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida Commentators: William Regal, Byron Saxton It’s week four or five here and things are seeming to change on this show, which is fine but it also would have been fine if nothing had changed at all. I believe this is the beginning of […]

Clash of the Champions Count-Up – #8: An Absolute Classic

Clash of the Champions #8: Fall Brawl 1989 Date: September 12, 1989 Location: Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, South Carolina Attendance: 2,600 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jim Cornette We’re in 89 here and since it’s anywhere between late summer and early winter, it’s Fall Brawl. This has nothing to do with the regular PPV because there were about […]

NXT – February 1, 2012 – NXT Comes, NXT Goes, Nothing Happens

NXT Date: February 1, 2012 Location: Qwest Center Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska Commentators: William Regal, Josh Matthews We’re continuing with this show because someone up there hates me. This week we continue with the Titus Is Evil story as Alex Riley ran in for the save last week because…well because someone had to I guess. Other […]