Wrestlemania XXXIII Preview: Smackdown World Title: Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

Something about Bray and soil.

Swagger Didn’t Even Get An Entrance

After the recap played, he was already in the ring.  AT WRESTLEMANIA!  I know they don’t care about this, but he got a jobber entrance in a world title match AT WRESTLEMANIA.  That’s HILARIOUS.

Wrestlemania 29 Preview – Smackdown World Title: Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Yeah this match is happening too.

Thought of the Day: The State of the Smackdown World Title

Given that Punk is out hurt, it’s clear that we need a new PPV main event.

Wrestlemania #28: Smackdown World Title – Daniel Bryan (C) vs. Sheamus

From a great build to almost no build.