Went to Takeover: Orlando

I took in Takeover tonight and, after going to see Dallas last year, this had a lot to live up to…..and it really didn’t come close. This will be the short version and I’ll get the regular review up ASAP, though the hotel’s wi-fi is spotty at best so please bear with me.

Takeover: Orlando Preview

Last year, NXT held its first Takeover event during Wrestlemania weekend with the instant classic “Takeover: Dallas”. The show stole the spotlight over Wrestlemania weekend and was pretty easily the best show of the four days, possibly even the year. Now it’s time for round two and as luck would have it, NXT is in […]

Got My Takeover: Orlando Ticket

I’ll be in the upper deck again but I’m going. On top of that I’ll be taking in the Wrestlecon Supershow and Rev Pro from England.  I’ll probably be adding a few more shows as this is going to be the biggest wrestling weekend I’ve ever done.   As always, and I do mean always, […]