The 5000th Review: I Mistimed This A Bit So IT’S OVER 5000

First off, thank you all for sticking with me through all this. I’ve been doing this for just under nine years now as something that was just a fun project has turned into my actual job and I never would have believed that was possible. It legitimately is the best job I could have ever […]

Got My Takeover: Orlando Ticket

I’ll be in the upper deck again but I’m going. On top of that I’ll be taking in the Wrestlecon Supershow and Rev Pro from England.  I’ll probably be adding a few more shows as this is going to be the biggest wrestling weekend I’ve ever done.   As always, and I do mean always, […]

Well That Didn’t Last Long

So you might remember me mentioning a new record for ad revenue on Wednesday.  That record didn’t even make it until Saturday.   Thank you all again as I’m still not over Wednesday let alone today.

Happy Thanksgiving And Thank You Very Much

First of all, I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  If you don’t celebrate it, take a few minutes and think about the people or things that you’re lucky enough to have.  It’s a nice thing to do every now and then. Second, thank you all so much for being around so […]


I saw my sales numbers for the ad revenue and book sales for August today and it’s taken me a bit of time to be able to speak.  It’s by far and away the best month I’ve ever had and I owe all of you a huge debt of thanks.  Thank you for coming around […]

Thank You All Again

Yesterday shattered my record for the most ad revenue in one day.  It was one of the best days the site has ever done and comes after the numbers have all moved up.  Thank you all for coming to see my stuff every day and I’ll keep posting it until a few days after no […]

Thank You All Again

Yesterday was the best day I’ve ever had for the E-Books to cap off the best month I’ve ever had.  Thank you to anyone who picked one of them up and thank you for keeping me going this long.   KB

New Column: Giving Thanks, The Wrestling Way

I think this one should be fairly obvious.   Holiday deal on the books coming soon so stay tuned.  Or logged on or whatever you kids say nowadays.

Thank You All Again

Friday was the best day I’ve ever had with the book sales, breaking the release day for the Nitro 1997 book.  You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys doing this.   In a related note, there’s going to be a Holiday special starting on the books this Friday so keep an eye […]

Thank You All Again

Last night was the second biggest day we’ve ever had here.  Thank you very much for blowing my mind yet again.  I’ll be around as long as you guys are. KB