Ring of Honor TV – May 18, 2016: Six In A Row

Ring of Honor Date: May 18, 2016 Host: Kevin Kelly It’s the week after Global Wars, meaning we should be getting some fresh storyline stuff instead of all the New Japan stuff that has dominated more than a month of shows now. Ring of Honor is fine on its own and can go without having […]

Ring of Honor TV – May 4, 2016: The Kind Of Thing You Read About WCW Doing

Ring of Honor Date: May 4, 2016 Location: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan Attendance: 1,367 Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Mr. Wrestling 3 We’re still in Japan for the Honor Rising tapings from February and it’s still the first night of the show. Tonight it’s almost all about the Bullet Club, including appearances by people who are no […]