The WWE UK Tournament

As you’ve probably heard by now, WWE is going to be holding a UK wrestling tournament in early 2017 which is likely leading to a regular TV series. Now if you listen to WWE, this is for the sake of expanding their international brand. If you pay attention, it’s to crush ITV’s attempt at reviving […]

TNA Loses UK TV Deal

And the spin is AMAZING.

WWE Network UK Launch Delayed Again

With 20 minutes to go, the company announced that it wasn’t launching.  My theories:

TNA One Night Only – World Cup Of Wrestling: Bad Influence Steals Another Show

World Cup of Wrestling Date: December 7, 2013 Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz It’s another One Night Only show but at least this time there’s a fresh idea to it. See, this time instead of a tag tournament or a singles tournament, it’s an international tournament. It’s in the vein of […]