Thunder- November 18, 1999: Benoit Does It Again

Thunder Date: November 18, 1999 Location: Allen County War Memorial, Fort Wayne, Indiana Attendance: 3,283 Commentators: Scott Hudson, Larry Zbyszko We’re three days away from Mayhem and the interesting thing this week is can they keep up the wrestling on this show. Thunder has definitely become the wrestling show, with matches getting more time than […]

Thunder – July 8, 1999: Remind Me Why This Show Exists

Thunder Date: July 8, 1999 Location: Jefferson County Civic Center, Birmingham, Alabama Commentators: Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko It’s the last show before Bash at the Beach and things have gone from boring to completely insane. Thankfully this is one of the live shows which are usually far better, especially than next week’s episode where it […]

Wrestler of the Day – September 6: Van Hammer

Today is a guy that I always liked as a kid: Van Hammer.