WCCW Television – May 8, 1982: I Want To Be Boogaloo Shaft

WCCW Television Date: May 8, 1982 Location: Sportatorium, Dallas, Texas Commentator: Marc Lowrance A TON of these have been added to the Network and in my never ending quest to review as much wrestling as I can, it’s worth a try. I’ve done a handful of these before and have a decent working knowledge of […]

New Column: The Birds Are Back

After a lot of complaining we’ll talk about something fun for a change with a look at the Fabulous Freebirds. The Birds Are Back

WCCW TV – December 28, 1982: The Match That Launched A Promotion

WCCW Television Date: December 28, 1982 Location: Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas Attendance: 18,000 Commentator: Bill Mercer I think you might have heard of this one. This show was taped three days earlier on Christmas night 1982 at the annual Star Wars show with this match main eventing the card. Fritz Von Erich had this idea […]

New Column: What I’ve Been Waiting For

The WWE Network has given us our Christmas present. http://www.wrestlingrumors.net/kbs-review-what-ive-been-waiting-for/46072/

Wrestler of the Day – December 20: Fabulous Freebirds

Time for one of the most famous tag teams of all time: the Fabulous Freebirds.

Wrestler of the Day – August 30: King Kong Bundy

We’ll follow up Heenan with a Heenan guy: King Kong Bundy.

Wrestler of the Day – July 18: Jerry Lawler

Here’s a commentator who could actually wrestle: Jerry Lawler.

Wrestler of the Day – July 2: Jake Roberts

This one is good. Trust me. It’s Jake Roberts.

Wrestler of the Day – May 17: Kerry Von Erich

Today is one of those guys that could have been something very special if not for some personal demons. It’s Kerry Von Erich.

Wrestler of the Day – March 29: Michael Hayes

Today we’re looking at one of the guys that belongs in the Hall of Fame: Michael Hayes.