New Column: Rip Rogers, Iron Man and Will Ospreay As a Dinosaur Detective

I think the title speaks for itself.

WrestleCon Supershow 2017: I Don’t Do This Very Often

WrestleCon Supershow 2017 Date: March 31, 2017 Location: Wyndham Orlando Resort, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Marty DeRosa, Excalibur This is something I’ve heard about for a few years now and when I saw the card, there was no question about taking it in. Basically this is a HUGE indy show with talent from all over the […]

Took in the Rev Pro Wrestling Show (And a Bit of Annoyance at WWE)

As part of the Wrestlemania week festivities, I took in the Revolution Pro Wrestling show. They’re a British company with major names like Ricochet, Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr. so I had to take in a card with that kind of talent included. This was part of the WrestleCon weekend events so […]

Ring of Honor TV – January 25, 2017: The ECW Formula

Ring of Honor Date: January 25, 2017 Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Kevin Kelly Tonight we’re looking at the Brits as the TV Champion Marty Scurll and his archnemesis Will Ospreay are both here tonight. It would be nice if that doesn’t turn into something about Japan for a change but Ospreay […]

Ring of Honor TV – December 29, 2016: The Redcoats are Coming

Ring of Honor Date: December 28, 2016 Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness, Steve Corino Since this year seems to be immune to traditional Best Of shows (even ones we were promised), this is another show featuring matches from a recent house show tour. In this case it’s the Reach for the Sky tour of the […]

ROH Final Battle 2016: TV Not Required

Final Battle 2016 Date: December 2, 2016 Location: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, New York Commentators: Steve Corino, Kevin Kelly This has been a fairly big request so I might as well get it out of the way before it’s way too late. Final Battle is the biggest Ring of Honor show of the year […]

What Culture Pro Wrestling Loaded Episode 5: I’m Impressed

WCPW Loaded Episode 5 Date: August 8, 2016 Location: 02 Academy, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England Commentators: Alex Shane, Dave Bradshaw This is What Culture Pro Wrestling, which is a promotion created by, a pop culture site with a bunch of top ten lists and such. For some reason they started a wrestling promotion in […]

Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet

I don’t normally do this but I haven’t seen a single match get this much talk in years. Back on May 27 at the Best of the Super Juniors Day 6, Will Ospreay and Ricochet (Prince Puma from Lucha Underground) had a match that was described as one of the best high flying matches in […]

Impact Wrestling – March 8, 2016: It’s Always A Heel Turn

Impact Wrestling Date: March 8, 2016 Location: Barclayard Arena, Birmingham, England Attendance: 3,500 Commentators: Josh Matthews, D’Angelo Dinero It’s the final night of the UK tour and also the last night of Kurt Angle’s TNA run. Expect to see a lot about Angle tonight as we wrap up his nearly ten year run with the […]