Ring of Honor TV – August 2, 2017: It’s Like I’ve Always Said

Ring of Honor Date: August 2, 2017 Location: Lowell Auditorium, Lowell, Massachusetts Commentators: Joe Koff, Ian Riccaboni This is a special episode of the show as we’re looking at the Women of Honor this time around. Ring of Honor does have a women’s division but outside of some one off matches on their website, they […]

Ring of Honor TV – December 14, 2016: It Makes You Appreciate NXT

Ring of Honor Date: December 14, 2016 Location: William J. Meyers Pavilion, Baltimore, Maryland Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Ian Riccaboni This is another special show with the Women of Honor getting the spotlight for a change. I saw one of these shows before and had a good enough time with it though it’s hard to keep […]

Ring of Honor TV – June 29, 2016: The NXT Effect

Ring of Honor Date: June 29, 2016 Location: Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee Commentators: Andrew Gervani, Nigel McGuinness This is another of those odd weeks where we should be past a pay per view but instead it’s a stand alone show which might feature a midcard feud not big enough to get on the actual […]