Wrestlemania 29 Outsells Wrestlemania 28

At least in North America.  According to Meltzer, it had 750,000 North American buys, putting it slightly ahead of last year’s show.  It also made approximately $5 million more than last year.   WWE really is dying with Cena on top though.  No one would EVER pay to see him in the main event of […]

Wrestlemania Count-Up – Wrestlemania XXVIII: This Show Got Me Excited All Over Again

Wrestlemania XXVIII Date: April 1, 2012 Location: Sun Life Stadium, Miami, Florida Attendance: 78,363 Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler We wrap things up with this and a main event which no one ever thought we would see: John Cena vs. The Rock. This is one of if not the only match ever that I had […]

Thought of the Day: The Revolving Door Of Divas

Two parts to this one.

Thought of the Day: Cena vs. Rock II and The Comedy Of The Internet

So apparently, Rock vs. Cena II is happening at Wrestlemania 29.  Naturally the general consensus is that this is a horrible idea and Punk HAS TO save it.  Let’s get this over with.

Wrestlemania #28: Hell in a Cell – Undertaker vs. Triple H

The End of an Era.  What Era that is isn’t clear but one is ending.

Rock Or Cena

Which side are you on?

Shawn Michaels To Referee HHH vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania

It fits the story and if they have to go with another gimmick to it, that’s the perfect one.  It says a lot when this match has technically been three years and three featured Wrestlemania matches including one main event in the making.  That has to be a record.

Thought of the Day: Rock vs. Cena

I get the question of who the face and who the heel is supposed to be in this match from time to time and I’ve come to my conclusion.

Punk vs. Jericho Is Official At Wrestlemania

Thoughts?  Eulogies for Ziggler?

HHH vs. Undertaker III Is Official

After one of the longest mutual masturbation segments I’ve ever seen, HHH said yes, but they’re going all the way. The match is HELL IN A CELL. My jaw dropped open. Thoughts?