Thought of the Day: If That’s Foreshadowing…..Just Wow

So I’m working on the 5000th review (currently at 25 pages and I’m just over halfway done) and I picked up on something I hadn’t seen before.  I don’t know if this was intentional, but it’s such an amazing match that I can buy it being possible.

Steve Austin’s Latest Cool Idea

He’s doing commentary for some of his classic matches on his podcast.  The first one up is from Wrestlemania X7 with Austin vs. Rock.  It’s basically him talking about the psychology behind the match or what they were shooting for or little things to look for that you wouldn’t see otherwise.  This kind of stuff […]

Required Viewing #10: Since I Always Talk About It

I present the king of all hype videos. From Wrestlemania X7, it’s My Way. And how can you have the video without the match? It might be the greatest main event ever at Wrestlemania.

Thought of the Day: Two Notes About The End Of The Monday Night Wars

I’ve mentioned one of these before.

WWE.Com’s Top 15 Best PPVs Ever