Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 24

NorCal and I have a long chat about Summerslam, Takeover: Brooklyn and a bit about Raw.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-25-kb-is-here-for-nxt-takeover-summerslam-and-the-aftermath-rolling-into-night-of-champions/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episodes 22 and 23

First up we have NorCal and Shockmaster previewing Summerslam and Takeover: Brooklyn before paying tribute to Roddy Piper.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-22-roddy-piper-memorial-plus-summerslam-and-nxt-takover-preview-with-wrestling-professor-the-shockmaster/   Then we have NorCal and myself in a quick shot of ripping on Kevin Dunn, TNA and the Divas.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-23-wrestling-news-with-kb-and-preview-of-the-nfc-east-with-ty-burna/   Finally, remember to check out the Wrestling Bundle this week, starting at […]

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 21

Ty is back for a discussion of the AFC East and of course the Roddy Piper news.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-21-feeling-the-weight-of-the-loss-of-another-legend-doing-some-wrestling-headlines-and-the-afc-east-preview-with-ty-burna/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 20

I’ve been on a bit of a podcast tear lately with three episodes of a different show recorded yesterday and then this ninety minute marathon with NorCal as we cover a PACKED week of wrestling news ranging from Hogan, TNA screwing up (double shot this week), Global Force Wrestling’s TV tapings, a quick Battleground recap […]

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 18

Shockmaster is back to talk about Comic Con and Battleground.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-18-archaeologist-comic-book-expert-and-pro-wrestler-professor-the-shockmaster-returns-to-preview-battleground-and-discuss-sdcc-happenings/

Suplex City Mach 1

Thanks to NSL for pointing this out, which he did due to the recommendation from Wrestling Wars, which you should all be listening to.

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 16

I’m back…..eventually.  I join NorCal about ten minutes in to talk about TNA’s latest woes, ROH, the Beast in the East and Battleground.  Plus Dimension X.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-16-we-start-off-with-a-solo-effort-that-turns-into-a-kb-run-in-we-cover-beast-in-the-east-battleground-mock-tna-even-a-roh-segment/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 15

NorCal on Dusty Rhodes passing.  This is a rare solo show.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-15-a-retrospective-on-the-one-and-only-american-dream-dusty-rhodes/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 14

More war, more professor, more NorCal.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-14-history-author-peter-crawford-returns-as-we-close-out-the-greco-persian-wars-with-the-all-of-the-pivotal-conflicts-of-war/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 13

Like old school stuff?  Like, old wars?  Well here’s an interview with a professor of ancient history.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-13-very-special-guest-history-author-peter-crawford-we-cover-the-real-events-leading-to-the-film-300-and-300-rise-of-an-empire/