New Column: Wrestlemania….And Other Stuff

A look at what there is to do over Wrestlemania weekend.

New Column: Then vs. Almost Now   I know Wrestlemania XXXII was bad, but is XXXIII going to be even worse?  Let’s look at five arbitrary points!

New Column: Hey We Want Some Better Bayley

Just what is wrong with the bubbly one?

KB’s Review: Reviewing the Review – Fastlane 2017

Dusting off one of my old ideas this week.

New Column: So Long and Farewell

Four in one week.  That’s hard. Please give us any stories you might have of any of them.  They’re always worth it.

New Column: I Don’t Get It I do some rare fantasy booking on the Women’s Title situation.

New Column: What Was That Royal Rumble Thing Again?

Looking at why having two more pay per views between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania is wasting the Rumble.

New Column: When the Rumble Went Off the Rails

I’m actually rather pleased with this one.  It’s more of a statistics/fact based one and those are always some of my favorites.

New Column: The Elite Eight

Who will take the final Royal Rumble spots and who won’t?

New Column: The Twenty Year Problem

Looking at a story that has been going on since 1997 in various forms and why Smackdown has figured it out in one simple change.