New Column: Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Paige Turned   They’re very different but they both seem to have left on the same day.

New Column: I Like It From Raw

A look back at a great moment from every year of Raw, including some you might not have thought of in a good while.

New Column: Tea and Crumpets, Bagels and Other Baked Commentary Goods

Also known as Squire Dave Taylor Needed A Hype Man.

New Column: Rusev Day and Other Holidays

Even though every day is Rusev Day, there is room for other holidays.

New Column: You Wanna Rumble Too?

So much for what I had planned.

New Column: Who Ya Got?

46 days is the right amount of time to start making Royal Rumble picks right?

New Column: Those Rascally McMahons

I think I need some therapy.

New Column: The Balor Problem

I think you get this one as I look at why Balor isn’t working, which really makes no sense.

New Column: 11 Takeaways From Survivor Series Weekend

It was 14 until I cut it down a bit.

Wrestle Chat Podcast Episode 3

I recently filled in for a colleague of mine on a podcast with AB Morales, who you’ve probably heard me talk to before.  THis was recorded on Tuesday as we hit some of the bigger stories of the week.   As for me being a regular on a weekly podcast again…..keep your eyes open.