New Column: The Balor Problem

I think you get this one as I look at why Balor isn’t working, which really makes no sense.

New Column: 11 Takeaways From Survivor Series Weekend

It was 14 until I cut it down a bit.

Wrestle Chat Podcast Episode 3

I recently filled in for a colleague of mine on a podcast with AB Morales, who you’ve probably heard me talk to before.  THis was recorded on Tuesday as we hit some of the bigger stories of the week.   As for me being a regular on a weekly podcast again…..keep your eyes open.

New Column: Twenty Years (And Way Too Many References) Since Montreal

I ramble about Montreal for a while.

New Column: Reviewing the Review: Bound For Glory 2017

I gave the show a C- and the more I think about it, the more I think that’s a bit high. Let’s look at the whole mess again.

KB’s Review: The Ballad of Emma

WWE at its finest.

New Column: Por Favor, No Te Vayas

We might have seen the end of Lucha Underground and that’s just mal.

New Column: My Version of Thinking Lesnar vs. Mahal is Dumb

You know, because it is.

New Column: These Five Things I Know Are…Happening

Another look at a bunch of stories at once, which I kind of like doing.

New Column: Still, He Is Eerily Like Diesel

So we have this Shield reunion.  How can this be used to benefit Roman Reigns?