WWC Lucha Estrellas – March 9, 2015: Featuring Vince McMahon!

Lucha Estrellas Date: March 9, 2015 Location: Puerto Rico Commentator: Nelson Santano This almost has to be better than the previous show I sat through, as I believe we’re still coming up on the big show that they spent half the hour hyping up. Carlito is still feuding with Mighty Ursus but also has to […]

WWC Lucha Estrellas – March 8, 2015: Carlito Still Isn’t Cool

Lucha Estrellas Date: March 8, 2015 Location: Puerto Rico Commentator: Nelson Santano We’re going down to Puerto Rico today because my e-book cover artist is from there and enjoys making me sit through this company for some sick reason. I’m not familiar with this to say the least, but my limited Spanish should be able […]

Wrestler of the Day – November 29: Manny Fernandez

Here’s a guy I’ve always liked that you mostly likely haven’t heard of: the Raging Bull Manny Fernandez.

WWC 1988 Anniversary Show – A Hot Night In Bayamon: When Is The Next Plane Out Of Here?

WWC Anniversary Show 1988: Hot Night In Bayamon Date: September 10, 1988 Location: Bayamon Stadium, Bayamon, Puerto Rico Attendance: 23,000 Commentator: Hugo Savinovich, Brad Batten, Bert Batten This is the first full Puerto Rico show I’ve ever done and it’s from the World Wrestling Council. Hot Night in Bayamon is their anniversary show for the […]

Wrestler of the Day – June 21: Balls Mahoney

Time for some ECW today with Balls Mahoney.

Wrestler of the Day – April 4: Yokozuna

Today is kind of a big deal: Yokozuna.

Wrestler of the Day – February 21: Carlito

We’ll switch from Canada to Puerto Rico today with Carlito.