Wrestlemania is this Sunday

Any general thoughts/predictions going into the show?


  1. newc868 says:

    Kofi’s not on it which disappoints me but the 8 man tag match should leave you with some good nationalities to play with:
    A Ukrainian, A Canadian, A Spaniard and An American
    An American, A South African, An Englishman and a Guyanese wrestler.

    IF you see stereo Russian Leg Sweeps – I can’t wait to read that.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I actually have running jokes. I have arrived.

  2. TwoEvilEyes says:

    I can’t wait for Cole to get his ass handed to him.
    I could go either way with the Cena/Miz match. Cena wins its jsut another win. Miz wins then he just became the second man to beat Cena at Mania. Rock get involved please.

    Now with the other half of the world titles… why does it seem like both world titles could end with interferences. I mean Rock has been.. well The Miz has been trying to get in the Cena vs Rock feud and Christian has been involved in Edge vs Del Rio.

    I don’t give 2 shits about HHH vs Taker. I hate HHH more if he wins and don’t care if Taker wins.

    What else.. The 8 man tag will be a nice filler. Won’t be to great but it gives 8 guys something to do. I can’t even remember what the other matches are. Hell the only things I’m looking forward to are Cole vs Lawler and Miz vs Cena.

  3. Hamler says:

    I’m enjoying your reviews of previous WMs. I’m ordering this year. It should be a fun ‘Mania. KB, what would you give this year’s Mania match line up (A-F)? What do you think you’ll rate the over all show after all is said and done?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Can’t guess the rating as it could deliver or it might bomb. You never can tell.

    As for the card, I’m pretty ok with it but not fully sold. Go B- or so on it. Lawler getting a match is good as he’s long overdue for one and it gives him something to be proud of. Miz vs. Cena should be awesome and Edge vs. Del Rio is what it is. Having midcard matches is nice for a change as it gives you a lot more room to flesh things out. The buyrate is going to be most interesting though.

  4. Jay says:

    Im looking forward to being in the GA Dome on Sunday,as far as picks go:

    WWE Title-The Miz (c) vs John Cena-John Cena and New Champion (I do see The Rock getting involved)

    Undertaker vs HHH-Undertaker & 19-0 (can’t wait for this one and do see HBK getting involved here too)

    World Heavyweight Title-Edge (c) vs Alberto Del Rio-Edge and Still Champion (though I have a feeling Del Rio could win)

    King vs Micheal Cole-Jerry The King Lawler (I think everyone wants King to win this one and Austin to stun Cole)

    Randy Orton vs CM Punk-CM Punk (this could go either way and could be the Show stealer)

    John Morrison,Trish,and Snookie vs Dolph Ziggler & Laycool-John Morrison,Trish,and Snookie

    Team Santino vs The Corre-Team Santino

    Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes-Cody Rhodes (this could go either way also)

    United States Title-Sheamus (c) vs Daniel Bryan-Sheamus and still Champion