Wrestlemania 27 – Not Sure On This One

Wrestlemania 27
Date: April 3, 2011
Location: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
Attendance: 71,617
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Jim Ross
America the Beautiful: Keri Hilson

Well here we are.  It’s the biggest night of the year and we’re heading to Georgia for the first time in Mania history.  The main events are John Cena vs. The Miz for the Raw Title, Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the SD Title and HHH vs. Undertaker (not II of course).  This is the night we’ve all looked forward to, and there’s that Rock guy here too.  Let’s get to it.

The dark match was the US Title match but it turned into a non-title battle royal with Khali eliminating Sheamus to end it.  I’m assuming the US Title match will be later.

Note that this is being written live so please excuse any marking out moments.

Keri Hilson, some singer I don’t know, sings America the Beautiful.

The voiceover guy here is like an old vaudeville voice which is kind of cool.  Up first: here’s THE ROCK!  The Great One looks…well great.  The arena looks awesome too.  Actually it’s a stadium but whatever.  After posing forever he teases the FINALLY before hitting it.  Bunch of Fruity Pebbles signs in the crowd.  Rock promises this will be electrifying.  Time for a little game: the Rock says Yabba, the people say Dabba.  This somehow takes up FIFTEEN MINUTES overall and he does a huge IF YA SMELL to end it.

Video about the major moments in Mania history and the big ones tonight.  Standard awesome intro video.  I know they were cutting out the wrestling but this is ridiculous.

There’s the traditional big fireworks display and we get a match!


Smackdown World Title: Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio


WHAT THE HECK???  THIS IS THE OPENING MATCH???  The intro is great for Alberto as the video where the car comes from is designed to look like his driveway at his estate so he’s driving out of it.  That’s awesome.  Clay is here with Alberto.  Here’s Christian to back up Edge.  I think shenanigans may be afoot.  This gets the big match intros because it’s a big match.  Can’t fault their logic there.

I’m watching on a stream so I’ll do my best on the times but I make no guarantees on their accuracy other than in general.  Edge fires away early on as Cole talks about the arm.  Naturally that triggers an attack on said arm which is in trouble early.  The arm work continues as is intelligent.  Alberto goes to the floor so Edge flips forward over the ropes and lands mostly on Del Rio in a cool spot.

As the champion comes back in though Del Rio pulls him off the top in an armbar.  The Cross Armbreaker is countered into the Edge-O-Matic as Edge gets two.  Out of nowhere the armbreaker goes on but Edge rolls through to escape.  Dueling chants begin.  Edge goes up again but Del Rio gets the running enziguri to take him down for two.  Christian and Clay get into it and Christian goes flying via a suplex.

Edgecution sets up the attempted spear but Alberto avoids.  He stops in the corner and Clay grabs the arm and rams it into the post.  The armbreaker goes on full force after a bit of a block.  Edge reverses into a rollup/cradle move that makes Alberto break it up to escape.  Edge gets the Edgecator and Alberto is in trouble.  Clay tries to come in but Christian gets the tornado DDT off the apron to the floor to take him down.  Del Rio escapes but walks into the spear to end this at approximately 11:00.  Wow that was abrupt.

Rating: C+. This wasn’t terrible but dude, 11 minutes for this?  That’s in the level of Cena/JBL at Mania 21.  Not a bad match but it felt like a match that could have easily been on Smackdown as a regular main event.  Alberto didn’t need to get the title yet so at least the right man won.  Still though, 11 minutes?

Edge beats up the Rolls Royce post match.  By that I mean he destroys it with a crowbar.  Why Alberto doesn’t go after it is beyond me.  Alberto yells for Christian for some reason.  Oh ok Christian was helping with a ball bat.  I need to pay more attention.

Cole talks about being in the main event and is in a suit, as is Jerry.  They….they couldn’t really be putting that on last could they?

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes


As Rhodes comes to the ring we get the video recap of this.  In short, Rey hit Cody with a 619 with a metal knee brace that Cody exposed earlier in the match, injuring the Dashing features of Cody.  If this is a few years later, look up Dashing Cody Rhodes for an awesome heel in 2010.  Rey’s character this year: Captain America.  Ok that’s not bad.

Rey “helps” Cody take the jacket off as Cody is all afraid of being seen.  Rana takes Cody down but a shoulder block shifts the momentum immediately.  Cody immediately goes for the knee which is a bit odd but whatever.  Beautiful Disaster leaves Rey seemingly dead but it only gets two.  I could definitely see this being the modern Bob Orton injury angle which could work for months if played up right.

A rana is eventually countered into the Alabama Slam for two.  That’s one of the things I like about Cody: he incorporates things from his past into his offense, which is a sign of him growing.  Also he stopped having the big Triforces on his boots which was definitely a face thing.  Cody gives Rey a neck massage which I’d assume is to get his arms tingling right?

Mysterio tries to speed things up a bit but gets caught on top and it’s a delayed vertical suplex from the middle rope which is pretty awesome.  That only gets two though.  The crowd is mostly into this but is kind of quiet.  Granted that’s what a superhero comeback is all about.  Cross Rhodes is avoided and we hit the floor for a bit with Cody’s face being sent into the apron.

Back in the ring and a seated senton means we speed things up a little.  Rey kind of looks like something you would see in a Captain America porn movie.  Wheelbarrow suplex by Cody gets two.  Rey finally gets him in 619 position but it gets caught and Cody hits a slingshot to send Rey’s throat/chest into the middle rope for two.  Cody tries to take the knee brace off and manages to get it, meaning Rey’s knees are about to snap like a Kit Kat.

Rey fights him off to a bit and gets a moonsault press for two.  Cody’s mask comes off and he gets sent into the 619 position.  You can see Rey’s not moving the same without the knee brace.  Rey goes up but the splash meets knees.  Big kick to the head gets only two as this is a good match.  Rey puts Cody’s mask on and I’m not sure if Cody knows it or not.  Rey gets some running headbutts to send Cody reeling and a swan dive gets….two.  Wow I would have thought that was the finish.  The referee throws the knee brace out and Cody hits Cross Rhodes for the shocking (but good) pin at approximately 12:15.

Rating: B. I was into this and it was a solid match.  Also, thank goodness Cody won here so he can continue his Phantom of the Opera kind of thing.  I’m very pleased with this as Cody continues to be one of the best guys in the company at this point.  I’d love to see him get a quick title feud with Edge but I doubt it’ll happen.

Snoop Dogg is with Teddy Long and Snoop is looking for talent for a tour he’s got coming up.  Teddy has some WWE talent to audition for him.  Regal does a rap and it’s again hilarious.  Khali and Beth Phoenix do a song from Grease and get hooked more or less.  Zach Ryder sings something that is apparently from a chick named Rebecca Black and Roddy Piper hits him with what might have been a coconut.  Piper looks good.

Tatsu and Masters do We Will Rock You with Masters doing the pec dance to the drums.  Horny is going to do a rap apparently but he can’t talk.  Teddy and Snoop leave and Horny raps while the Bellas dance.  At least we got the good looking twins.

Corre vs. Santino Marella/Kofi Kingston/Big Show/Kane


The change of Kozlov to Kingston was kind of a surprise but I’m pretty sure if was officially announced.  I can’t complain a bit there either as Kofi should be on the card.  Santino vs. Slater to start us off here.  Big kick by Santino misses so it’s off to Show who cleans a few rooms.  You can’t really say cleans house for one guy.

Show rams into Slater in the corner but Jackson runs him over.  Everything breaks down almost immediately and Barrett takes Trouble in Paradise.  This is moving around too fast to call.  Cobra time and it hits Santino.  The Knockout Punch ends Slater and the match in about 1:40.  Yeah there was a point to this.  No rating of course.  That punch was SICK in the replay.

Rock hits on Eve in his first appearance in 45 minutes.  He talks about making magical moments.  For instance whoever comes around the corner next (without Rock looking) is going to get a magical moment with Rock.  And it’s Mae Young.  I was thinking it would be her.  She wants the People’s Strudel.  Rock says that Mae should be after Moses’ strudel.  Rock have Eve escort Mae to her seat.  Mae spanks Rock for fun.

Rock does the around the corner thing again and IT’S AUSTIN!!!!  I was hoping this would happen as it flat out needed to be done.  This is like an old western.  They’re both retired and it’s an incredible moment to say the least.  They shake hands and say it was good to see each other.  Totally AWESOME moment here and something that absolutely had to happen.

We recap Punk vs. Orton.  In short, Orton punted Punk in the head two years earlier and cost Punk the title.  Punk waited two years to get his revenge and sent the New Nexus after him.  This more or less crippled the entire feud as it just died when Orton ran through Nexus the entire time.  Oh and Orton had a bus for some reason and Punk hit him in the knee with a pipe or something so the leg is bad.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton


Punk goes for the knee early but that gets him clotheslined.  Out to the floor and Punk is sent into the steps but he jumps/steps over them which I don’t remember seeing before.  He kicks the steps into the knee of Orton to take over.  The fans chant for Orton as Punk hits a top rope cross body for two.

Orton fires back with the backbreaker and Punk is down a bit.  He tries to fight out of the corner but Punk gets something like a jawbreaker onto the knee.  That’s a new one.  Orton gets caught in the Tree of Woe and Punk hammers away.  Punk gives the sign for the GTS which of course doesn’t work as Punk does what any idiot villain does and walks around before he tries anything.

Randy escapes over the back and tries the RKO but gets kicked in the head for two instead.  Punk goes to the outside but gets crotched.  His reaction is awesome to say the least.  The fans want a DDT off the top so Orton goes up.  And the fans get something similar in the form of a superplex for two in a NICE callback to Orton’s papa (that was Bob’s finisher).

Punk fights back and actually gets the figure four around the post and does it to the correct leg!  Leg lock back in the ring and it’s almost an Indian Deathlock.  Orton fights out and gets the Angle Slam.  Finally Cole doesn’t call it something stupid.  Orton goes insane again and hits the Thesz Press to ZERO reaction.  Punk fires back with kicks and a leg sweep and there’s the Anaconda Vice!  The hold makes no sense given the knee work but it’s not going to be the finish anyway.

Orton is in trouble but he manages to roll out of it and into the ropes in a nice little counter.  Punk goes to the apron and stands on the bottom rope because he’s not that intelligent.  He gets sent into the post and the elevated DDT takes him down.  Orton slams the mat and doesn’t break his arm this time.  The face is awesome to say the least.  He takes FOREVER though and you know it’s not hitting here.

Instead he backs up for the one legged punt because you know he can get a running start after not being able to stand a few minutes ago.  Thank goodness Orton falls down on the approach.  Punk looks all psycho and his hair is even freakier.  He goes over to Punk and gets….not caught in the RKO as Punk shot out of the back.  I thought it was a botch but that was intentional.  Here’s your big RKO spot as Punk tries the springboard clothesline but jumps into a nice RKO to end it at 14:40.

Rating: B-. I’m not a fan of Orton but this was pretty good stuff.  They gave it some time and the knee worked pretty well as Punk went into the air rather than having to jump.  Pretty good here but you kind of have to wonder where this goes from here as well as where Punk goes.  Granted that’s the point of watching tomorrow I guess.

Rock is with Gene Okerlund (do your own caps) who says that Cena’s #1 fan is coming here to confront Rock tonight.  And it’s Pee Wee Herman.  Gene wears Cena gear and Herman does the Rock’s line.  I don’t care for Herman so this was nothing at all.

Hall of Fame time.  Abdullah can barely walk.

Sunny looks good for the most part.  She needs to just flash the crowd and get it over with.

Animal in a tux looks weird.  Ellering is there too, complete with sunglasses.

Drew Carey is murdered by the crowd and rightfully so.

Armstrong gets no reaction at all, probably because no one knows who he is.

Duggan gets a nice ovation and there’s a bowtie on his 2×4.

And now for the one that matters.  Yep the roof is gone.

We get a Wrestlemania Recall….which is from Raw.  It’s Cole throwing soda in Lawler’s face.  I hope this is next and it is.

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole


Booker T and JR are on commentary with Josh.  They both get intros, I guess to buy the guys time.  As JR is coming to the ring, Cole interrupts him, complete with an orange hoodie and headgear and shorts.  I give up.  Cole runs his mouth about Lawler being old and all that jazz.  Oh and he runs down the barbecue sauce.  Well at least this isn’t the main event like they hinted at.  Cole keeps stalling for time for Lawler which is fine.

Swagger comes out to no reaction at all.  We get the pushups but in mid push the glass shatters and Austin is here with ATV and I think a new shirt.  Cole took off the hoodie and is in a singlet.  For no apparent reason Cole jumps off the apron when Austin is charging around it and has to hide in the box.  Lawler comes out to his regular music thank goodness.  He looks a bit like Shawn with his attire.

Somehow this is the best built match of the night.  Lawler is in his usual attire in the ring as Cole stands on his desk in the Cole Mine to warm up.  Austin says ring the bell and sends Lawler after Cole.  Swagger charges and gets sent into the post and then the barrier.  Cole begs off and is close enough to a mic for us to hear him.  He offers a handshake through a hole in the box.  Is that like a glory hole for idiots?

Lawler pulls on Cole’s hand and rams his head into the box.  Jerry finally climbs into the freaking box and beats the heck out of Cole.  This is awesome.  Jerry destroys him and gets him out of the box.  Into the GM podium he goes and Jerry tosses him into the ring.  Swagger gets up and drills Jerry to put him down.  Cole gets something close to a baseball slide to the send Jerry down.

Ankle lock by Swagger when Austin is distracted.  The comeback for this is going to be awesome.  Austin counts incredibly slowly and Cole works on the knee.  Cole might have a 3 Stooges tattoo on his back.  That’s something I really didn’t want to know.  The fans say Cole can’t wrestle.  Well he’s not a wrestler so I think that’s ok.  The fans think this is nonsense.  Such an impatient generation.

Cole tries a Vader Bomb (screw that Swagger Bomb stuff) from the bottom rope and Jerry powers out of it.  Jerry gets some punches in but Cole goes back to the leg.  The fans say boring so Cole pulls a strap down and puts on the AnCole Lock.  Jerry doesn’t seem to mind and kicks Cole off to wake up the crowd.  He walks it off and Cole is caught.

A mudhole is stomped….kind of.  Swagger throws in the towel and Austin is like WHAT?  There’s a Stunner for Swagger as the fans are way into it now.  And now it is time to pay.  Austin looks at his watch and Cole slaps his hand away and SHOVES AUSTIN.  Big right hand by Lawler and the beating is on.

The fans get behind Lawler as the punches come in hard and there’s a dropkick.  With a point to the sign and the strap coming down it’s a jumping punch from the middle rope.  That gets two as Jerry pulls him up.  This has to end with the Piledriver.  Jerry grabs the ankle lock and Cole taps.  Austin makes sure it’s really a tap in a funny bit.  Cole insists he gives up and there’s the bell.  Dang it that should have been the Piledriver but the ankle lock ends it at approximately 14:00.

Rating: C. This was a letdown for me.  First of all the ankle lock was a pretty weak finisher and Cole was on offense too long.  It wasn’t bad but they needed to change a few things out there to really make it awesome.  This needed a Piledriver but I can understand Cole being afraid to take it or whatever.

Post match it’s time for a beer bash and Booker gets in the ring.  Jerry takes a beer but doesn’t drink it (he’s a known non-drinker).  There’s a spinarooni for Mania and why is this about Booker T again?  Stunner to Booker and more beer is consumed.  Jerry hasn’t drank any it seems.  We get an E-Mail of all things to interrupt this.  The referee overstepped his boundaries and the winner is Michael Cole by DQ.  Please let this be a late April Fool’s joke.  Amazingly it’s not and Matthews gets a Stunner.  And the show is officially killed.

This should have been easy and they screwed it up.  I’m in awe of their utter stupidity here.

We get a video of Wrestlemania Week and I do not care.  I’m still stunned at the utter stupidity of what they just did.

Lawler and Ross are on commentary now which is cool but they couldn’t do that without the whole stupidity thing there?  Yes I’m harping on it but man that was idiotic.

We recap HHH vs. Undertaker with a package we’ve seen a dozen or so times now.  In short, HHH wants to break the Streak because there’s nothing else for him to do.

Undertaker vs. HHH


There’s a rock version of Taker’s theme which is WAY too up tempo for him.  Oh wait that’s for HHH.  Oh man it’s For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica.  That’s cool but dude, it’s HHH.  Ah there’s All About the Game.  That’s more like it.  He has an army and a crown and yeah you get where this is going.  Still cool though.  Taker does his usual awesome entrance to Johnny Cash.

The song loops as the entrance takes too long.  Or maybe that was just the second verse.  The lightning goes off when Taker removes his hat.  The crowd is surprisingly quiet.  This is no holds barred and they slug it out immediately.  Taker grabs him by the head and fires him over the top with ease.  We go to the floor and HHH actually wins a fistfight.  His reward is being thrown into the steps.

We set up the announce table (Spanish of course) but HHH spears Taker into the Cole Mine to destroy it and put Taker down.  Taker looks up at HHH and is all pissed off.  Back in the ring and they slug it out again.  Taker works on the shoulder and here comes Old School.  That of course doesn’t work but this time you can’t blame it on him shouting OLD SCHOOL at least.  Another clothesline sends Taker to the floor as HHH is favoring his left arm.

Now they set up the American announce table as Lawler is in an Austin shirt.  Pedigree is countered as is the chokeslam but there’s a backdrop off the table to the floor and he’s holding that arm and wrist again.  Oh yeah that thing slammed into the ground HARD.  The fans chant 19-0 as the match more or less stops.  Taker busts out the Taker Dive which at least cleared the ropes and hit HHH.  It wasn’t great but at least he hit a person and not the floor.

We start using the steps and someone shouts about Shawn either being here or not being here to save HHH.  Taker sets for a tombstone I think but gets countered and hit with a headbutt.  Taker tries a running charge but gets caught by a spinebuster into the table/through the table, whichever you prefer.  This has been big spot, lay down, big spot, lay down for about 8 minutes now.

Back in the ring and a chokeslam gets two.  Taker loads up the Last Ride but gets rammed into the corner.  More dueling chants begin and HHH fires away with punches in the corner.  Taker tries the Last Ride but HHH counters in a nice callback to Mania X7 (which had nothing to do with these two facing each other.  That’s never happened at Mania.  Silly people) Pedigree is reversed as is a big boot to the face, the latter being via a spinebuster for two.

HHH goes to the floor and grabs a chair which of course goes across the Game’s back.  Pedigree out of nowhere gets two.  Last Ride gets a long two as we’re in that same formula from earlier.  Taker gives the throat slit but the Tombstone is of course….not reversed for two.  HHH kicked out of the tongue sticking out thing!  I know they’re wanting this to be epic and while it’s good they feel like they’re trying to be epic rather than actually being epic.

Taker sets for another Tombstone, this time on the chair.  Instead it’s a DDT mostly on the chair to put both guys down.  Somehow this has been going almost 20 minutes.  They both struggle to their feet and there’s a decent Pedigree for a long two.  If Scott Armstrong didn’t have the biggest hitch in his count this side of something with a very large hitch in his count, this would have been over a long time ago.

A third Pedigree is kicked out of as this is bordering on stupid here.  We get it: you can kick out of the Pedigree now DO SOMETHING ELSE!  Both guys are down and HHH gets the chair.  BIG chair shot to the head of Taker and he’s in big trouble.  Taker does his best Terry Funk shaking impression as HHH shouts what’s wrong with you.  He gets grabbed by the throat for his troubles but Taker can’t hold it.

Taker says bring it on so HHH does a throat slit.  Tombstone hits Taker and of course it gets two.  They try to play this off as some huge thing but dude, no one thought that was going to end it.  HHH goes to the floor and it’s sledgehammer time.  HHH holds up the hammer but Taker pulls him down into the Hell’s Gate and HHH is in trouble.  He drops the hammer and is in big trouble.  HHH tries to stand but is fading fast.  He gets the hammer again but can’t get a shot to the head.  HHH TAPS OUT to end this at approximately 29:10 but I had some stream issues so I’m not sure how accurate that is to the second.

Rating: B. Well it was brutal, but at the same time did anyone really believe this was ending with anything other than a big sign that said 19-0?  The whole big spot rest big spot rest got really annoying and it made the match feel a lot longer than it should have.  Good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time it ran too long and that hurt it in my eyes.

Taker gets checked out by a trainer post match and they do the big exit with both of them leaving at the same time.  Taker can barely walk and keeps falling down.  He falls down next to the ring and they have to get a cart to take him out.  I’m not sure if this is legit or not but I’m leaning towards it being so.

Good time for a Don’t Try This at Home no?

Wrestlemania 28 will be in Miami as we all knew.

Laycool/Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison/Trish Stratus/Snooki


Please….make it short.  Dolph is officially the business associate.  Not sure if they had covered that before but it’s official here.  At least Laycool looks incredible.  Trish should never be allowed to not wear leather.  And here’s the draw, Snooki.  Oh dear.  Well I guess she’s an improvement over Bieber.  I can’t wait for like three years from now when this is totally dated.

The girls go at it early and the guys pull them off.  Trish and Michelle start us off officially.  Trish tries to tag in Snooki early but I think the small one doesn’t want in.  Matrish leads to an attempt at a Faithbreaker but Trish counters into a facejam.  McCool counters the Stratusphere and they fight on the buckle with both crashing to the floor.  Everything breaks down and Morrison hits Starship Pain to the floor to take out Ziggler.

Off to Snooki and let the booing begin.  She does a handspring elbow into the corner which is still a stupid move.  A cartwheel into the WORST SPLASH EVER ends McCool at 3:15.  Snooki was in the match for a total of 12 seconds.  Note to future girls wanting to be a Diva: don’t bother marrying Undertaker or working to become awesome.  Get on a bad reality show and get in fights in bars.  You’ll get wins at Mania.  No rating due to it being short and it ticking me off.  Match was nothing special to say the absolute least.  Perhaps the worst celebrity match ever.

There’s a new attendance record for the Georgia Dome of 71,617.  That’s always cool to hear.

It’s time for the main event of Cena vs. Miz.  Yes, the Miz is wrestling in the main event of Wrestlemania.  BE JEALOUS!  No recap at all and it’s time to go.  I guess we’re running behind.  Ah ok here’s a package as we see Miz’s rise to the top and interspersed with various world title wins at Mania.  Miz is looking at a screen watching all this.  We get the DEMON CHILD and clips of him on Real World and Tough Enough and doing all kinds of stupid things before he got serious and AWESOME as a result.

This gets the music video treatment about how everyone hates Miz but he keeps winning.  Miz having his back to the camera the entire time is great.  This transitions into a video about the feud with Miz constantly getting the better of Cena.

Raw World Title: The Miz vs. John Cena


Miz runs through some things that look like balloons saying AWESOME.  This is MIz’s moment and it’s working.  Riley has the varsity jacket with him here and Miz has his coat also.  Must be chilly in Atlanta.  Cena’s big entrance this year: a full on gospel choir.  We actually have a prayer with clips of Cena growing up and being awesome I guess.  They actually say Jesus here which is a bit different.  This takes a long time also, as has everything else tonight.  After the prayer the choir actually sings Cena’s theme in full on gospel style.  And then he sprints to the ring in a new shirt.

Cena is of course mostly booed out of the building.  This is listed as Cena’s 8th straight Mania main event which is a relative term as some of them were in the middle of the card.  The bell rings twice for no apparent reason and they lock up.  Miz controls early but Cena gets a hip block to get us back to even.  Cena with some nice technique to get a headlock but that doesn’t last long.

They’re in a long feeling out period here and Miz stomps away to end that.  Miz takes over with basic stuff but gets caught in a gutwrench suplex for two.  Miz misses his running clothesline in the corner which hit earlier.  Top rope Fameasser hits for two.  Big boot to the head of Cena gets two.  They botch something so Miz gets a dropkick to the ribs to send Cena to the floor.

Back in the ring and Cena starts his finishing sequence but can’t get the FU.  Short DDT gets two for the champion.  A Let’s Go Miz chant starts up as he escapes the STFU and gets caught in a neckbreaker for two.  Miz unhooks the buckle which gets him nowhere.  Cena gets the STF but Miz grabs the rope.  Riley sends Cena into the exposed buckle and Miz gets the Skull Crushing Finale for a long two.

Down goes the referee and wouldn’t you know it that it hits just a second before the FU.  Riley comes in with the briefcase and down goes Cena again.  Naturally that only gets two as the fans are finally back into this.  Miz goes for the case but hits Riley and walks into a HUGE Attitude Adjustment for TWO!  Wow I would have bet on that being the ending there.

Out to the floor and Cena kills him with a running clothesline to send him over the barricade.  Big old spear onto the concrete by the fans and that looked sick.  They’re both dead and this is going to be a double count out.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???  This can’t be.  That had better be a legit injury or we’re not done yet.

And here’s Rock to make sure this doesn’t suck.  There’s an e-mail and Rock says that it doesn’t matter what the GM thinks so this is restarting, no DQ, no countout, no time limit.  Cena goes for the FU immediately but walks into the Rock Bottom and MIZ RETAINS!!!  The pin was at 19:30 overall, counting the big stoppage.

Rating: C-. Even with the ending this was still pretty boring.  They’re not hurt which is always a good thing but dude, did we need a false finish in something like this?  It’s the main event of Wrestlemania for crying out loud.  I get that you needed Rock out there, but make something better than that.  I’m not impressed here at all which is hard to do with me at Mania

Miz holds up the title post match and Rock looks at him.  The beatdown is on and it’s a People’s Elbow for Miz.

Overall Rating: C-. This was a VERY hit or miss Mania and it’s going to have a very mixed reaction I think.  A lot of the booking is just kind of out there, namely Cole/Lawler.  I get that they’re setting up for future shows but at the same time this is WRESTLEMANIA!  There’s some good stuff but nowhere near enough to make this really work.

There are times when you just do certain things and this is one of them.  Not impressed here at all and this is a huge fall down from last year.  Rock helped, but there’s only so much he can do.  Summerslam and Raw tomorrow better be AMAZING.  The ending helps this but certainly doesn’t save it.  WAY too rushed of a show and that’s the downfall of it.  I’ll probably have more to say on it later but that’s my initial reaction.


Edge b. Alberto Del Rio – Spear

Cody Rhodes b. Rey Mysterio – Cross Rhodes

Kane/Big Show/Kofi Kingston/Santino Marella b. The Corre – Big Show pinned Slater after a punch

Randy Orton b. CM Punk – RKO

Michael Cole b. Jerry Lawler via DQ when Steve Austin got involved in the match

The Undertaker b. HHH – Hell’s Gate

Snooki/John Morrison/Trish Stratus b. Laycool/Dolph Ziggler – Snooki pinned McCool after a splash

The Miz b. John Cena – Miz pinned Cena after a Rock Bottom from the Rock


  1. JGKY says:

    I agree with your review 100%

  2. Born To Fly says:

    I’ll post some more thoughts later, but to me, this Wrestlemania didn’t have the typical “Wow” moment or “Wrestlemania” moment.

  3. FunKay says:

    Good: The ending. Rock helping Miz win was the right way to go. They took an exceptionally long ass way to do it, but at least they did it. Cody winning. He simply needed it more than Rey and fully deserved it. Taker vs. Triple H. The entrances were awesome. The match itself was better than I thought it would be and I’d give it the same rating as you. Oh and production wise this was great.

    Bad: The crowd sucked. The opener was bizarre. No US title match. Still upset about that.

    Indifferent: Everything else.

    I liked it better than you, but it’s not above a C+.

  4. WWTNA says:

    That Triple H/Undertaker match deserves an A+

    klunderbunker Reply:

    No it really doesn’t. There was nothing but big spots and finishers. No Shawn, meaning the whole thing from Raw went nowhere, there was zero drama that I could see and worst of all it felt forced beyond belief. That’s never a good sign and isn’t here either.

    WWTNA Reply:

    There was a lot of drama and psychology. When Trips told Taker to just die and to stay down, it meant that the streak was that serious. It was spotty but so was Shawn Michaels/Undertaker’s match. The story behind it was phenomenal.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    What story? “I want to end the Streak.” “I am the last outlaw which I’m going to start calling myself now just because”. That story? Or the “I’m going to keep hitting you wiht a chair and Pedigrees until you stop getting up?” Once HHH kicked out of the Tombstone I knew at least two Pedigrees were coming. That’s not a good sign. It makes things look formula based, which is never a good thing.

  5. newc868 says:

    Match by Match this was ok but it just felt like an extended version of Raw/Smackdown. The booking was nothing short of TERRIBLE for the most part. Once I saw Del Rio lose, I knew in the back of my mind – The Miz wins, no matter the circumstance – Miz wins.

    The way I had it:
    Edge vs Del Rio – WTF! Why is this first? This is Wrestlemania! Do you care about SD! that little? Also, why did Del Rio lose? Why was the match short? Cut out The Rock’s opening monologue/the post-match antics. Make this longer.

    Cody Rhodes vs Mysterio – B+. One of the few times I can say good booking at this WM. Rhodes is into his character and him winning was good.

    Internationals United vs The Corre – Fustercluck match. Deserved some actual ring time. I can see why Slater is still there, the guy sells stuff beautifully.

    Randy Orton vs CM Punk – I’m a mark for Punk but that aside can Orton do anything that was a signature move of others – there’s the Stomp thing, the Austin-like Lou Thesz press, the Angle Slam. For a moment I thought I was watching Eugene again! *sigh* The RKO looked good but Punk should’ve won giving this feud some purpose and reason for extension!

    Cole vs Lawler – Match was well done. Loved Austin here. POST-Match, falls apart. I understand it was to have Lawler and King on commentary but in that case NEVER send out Booker T in the first place! I call RAW GM shenanigans.

    ‘Taker vs HHH – knew quite a few people cheering for HHH and his entrance was awesome. The resting was annoying but HHH’s shouts of ‘just stay down’ were great. A little doubt when H landed the Tombstone. Liked the Hell’s Gate but damn it why can HHH just lose sometimes?! He had to be in the Hell’s Gate for what felt like 5 minutes and then he walks off having apparently destroyed ‘Taker. 1) Lose the ego. 2) Waste of time in the post-match.

    Snooki’s Match – Short filler with a cool spot from Morrison + Ziggler but mostly props to Snooki for the handspring elbow. Looked good, even though the move sucks. Crappy splash but it wins the match. No need why this wasn’t higher up.

    Cena vs Miz – Epic intros… although together they never recapped the feud that well, which annoyed me ’cause they do promos so f’in well at ‘Mania. They had a ref bump and still went the double countout route? F*** that! Ref Bump – A-Ry interference – Rock makes the save there – then Rock Bottoms Cena – Miz wins and leaves. The Rock stares down Cena. END.

    I hate to do my own micro review within yours but damn that was an annoying ‘Mania.

    newc868 Reply:

    Plus I got very annoyed watching it – mostly due to the crowd. No US Title match – stupid.

  6. JGlass says:

    I’m bothered by this year’s Wrestlemania. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the show, but I’m worried about the booking going forward. Where does Del Rio go from here? How about Edge? Randy Orton and CM Punk? Wade Barrett? I’m most concerned with John Cena and Miz, obviously. Cena gets screwed by The Rock, but The Rock isn’t going to be around for months, so how are we gonna reach the payoff to that event? And can Miz really pull of bragging about his win if he got beaten down by the guy who helped him win after the bell rang?

    The wrestling was good. I was surprisingly pleased with Orton/Punk, Mysterio/Rhodes was immensely enjoyable, and I thought Triple H/Taker was phenomenal. I even enjoyed Edge/Del Rio even if it was too short and opened the show. I would like to point out that Edge did his best Ric Flair impression tonight by attempting two top rope moves and getting interrupted both times. I thought that was funny.

    I was also really disappointed by The Rock. I don’t know what I was expecting, but he really didn’t do anything for me. The Mae Young jokes bombed, the Pee Wee Herman segment bombed, his handshake with Stone Cold was nice, but only brought me short lived joy, and then I thought the ending was just awful. His opening was pretty good, but it was all downhill from there.

    I’m still very mixed over this. Sorry for the lengthy comment, I’m just trying to sort things out before I make an even longer post on WrestleZone.

    Great review nonetheless KB. I read the whole thing and you were as insightful as always.

  7. GD says:

    Disappointing, I suppose. Looking at the card beforehand it should have been expected, but still, you think they’d do something to make it a little special.

    Ending sounds legit though. Good for Mr. Mizinan.

  8. Hoppy says:

    I actually loved this (though I am easily entertained). But I seriously think that the WWE needs to think about Mania being 30 minutes to an hour longer. I know that would mean that some matches would have to be really drawn out but I think it would just give the WWE the time that they really need for Mania.

    Though I hated the Pee Wee part. I just hate Pee Wee in general.

    I do agree that if they HAD to take one match off the card, the Sheamus/Bryan match was the right choice. They had the least build of any match, so it made the most sense.

  9. Adam King says:

    All I wanted was for Lawler to beat the s*** out of Cole and kill him within six minutes. That’s all I asked for and would have been satisfied, but no, we couldn’t even get that.

    And what did Daniel Bryan do to get cheated out of wrestling on the biggest show of the year? We honestly wanted to see Bryan/Sheamus for the U.S. Title.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Another reason to have that on there: it gives you a third title match. I’ve seen SNMEs with more title matches than this Wrestlemania had. That’s pathetic.

  10. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    I understand that The Rock was hosting WrestleMania, but I did not enjoy his opening introduction. It felt like it went way too long, and I much rather would have seen the Bryan/Sheamus match getting the fifteen plus minutes that The Rock used here, or for it to be used to extend some matches.

    Edge vs. del Rio – This is a perfect example of a match that could have used some of the time that The Rock had to welcome us to this show.

    Rhodes vs. Mysterio – I really loved this match. In fact, it might have been my favorite of the night. Rhodes seems very old school in his wrestling technique and look. When Rey took off Cody’s mask, it would have been nice if Cody noticed it and then LOST HIS SHIT over it. I had a very strong feeling Rey would be Captain America this year. My other choice was The Green Lantern, or Thor as a distant third.

    Snoop Dogg segment – I was not a fan of the segment at all but the Bella twins have never looked better (I don’t think I have ever found them to be attractive before this show)

    The Corre vs Big Show/Kane/Kofi/Santino – Useless match on the card. This should have been the dark match that turned into the Battle Royal and The Sheamus/Byran match should have been here (with much more time of course)

    Rock segment – Eve looked GOOD! (I’m normally hit or miss on her) It was a funny moment with The Rock and Mae Young. I was expecting Austin to appear eventually, but I didn’t expect him to be the second person around the corner. It was a huge moment for me and my friend seeing them face to face again. (How long has it been??)

    Orton vs. Punk – Expected a bigger RKO and finish than the one we got.

    Lawler vs. Cole – I enjoyed this match as well as Cole’s wrestling attire. Austin legit looked like he almost ran over Swagger when it was coming down the ramp. When Austin accidently hit the announce table, I think everyone dove out of the way. Josh Mathews did for sure, and I wasn’t able to see JR in the next shot.

    The match that took place in the “Cole Mine” was very enjoyable. The “bullshit” and “Boring” chants from the crowd were unneeded. What did they expect here? At the time of the chanting, the match was going exactly how it should have. Not sure why Lawler used an Ankle Lock rather than his fist off of the middle rope or, like you mentioned, a piledriver.

    There was zero need for Booker to enter the ring. I know it was so we could see another stunner, but it wasn’t needed at all and it felt like what should have been Lawler’s time, got overshadowed by Booker.

    Undertaker vs. HHH – I was surprised that Undertaker didn’t get any special entrance. I’m not too sure what I think of the match. It wasn’t as brutal as I expected/hope. Like you said it was big move, rest, repeat for the entire match. It didn’t seem to flow at all and it felt like they were almost making it up entirely as it was happening. I hate when Undertaker uses his triangle choke to win matches at WrestleMania. I’ll accept nothing less than a Last Ride, Chokeslam or Tombstone.

    I’ve gone back and forth with how legit Taker’s injury is. I’m leaning towards legit as I don’t think Taker would ever leave WrestleMania the way that he did if he was able to walk to the back. It’s almost as if Taker got hurt during the match, and HHH said, “I’m going to finish this for us. It’s going to hurt, but get up when you can.” Even when Taker went for his submission, it took a while to get it on, which isn’t normal for him.
    Laycool/Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison/Trish Stratus/Snooki
    I wished the inter-gender match was longer, and featured more Morrison vs Ziggler than the one move we got from them. Trish looked incredible as always, and I enjoyed when she was wrestling McCool. I was OK with Snooki’s involvement. It was short, and I didn’t expect to see her bust out a handspring elbow at all.

    Is it safe to say that Donald Trump is the best celebrity to ever appear on wrestling shows?

    Miz/Cena – Liked the Cena prayer, but it sounded like it was DMX praying. This match was weird as well, as it seemed like Cena was injured for the last half of the match. I was upset to see a double countout, but knew that The Rock would restart the match. When he did I would have liked it to go a little longer before the finish. The Rock could have gotten physically involved in this match without the countout. This match could have used more time as well.

    Overall, while I did enjoy this year’s WrestleMania, but it’s not good that the biggest moment is seeing Austin and The Rock face to face again. How long has it been sense we’ve seen them on screen together like that? WrestleMania 19?