Thoughts On Destination X

I’m going to try to do this either the Friday or Saturday before every PPV.

What do expect for Destination X?

My thoughts:

The last few weeks of Impact have been far better than usual and that’s mainly due to the better pacing of the show.  At the same time the majority of the focus being on the X-Division and random talent that hasn’t been seen in a long time if ever at all.  This should be a fun show, but what I wonder is what’s going to happen once this show passes.  I’d bet they’re just going to go back to business as usual after mentioning Destination X and how awesome it is a few times, which is annoying but probably the best idea overall.  As for match predictions, I’ll take the following:  Abyss over Kendrick  Styles over Daniels  Joe over Kaz (not sure on this one at all)  RVD over Lynn  Zima Ion to win the contract (total hunch here)   As for the fourway, I’ll take Shelley with no real reason.

Your thoughts?


  1. Mando>Eddie says:

    I’m kind of looking forward to it, one night only, or not, as there’s a lot of talent and since it’s on PPV they’ll be given time to do their thing. I’ve enjoy iMPACT! as a whole this past month the most I have in quite awhile, from the X division stuff to the new wrinkle in Sting’s character, etc.

  2. Jay says:

    This probably could be TNA’s Best PPV of the year but at the same time be one big spot fest all night long. Like you said KB im sure they will go back to business as usual once this has concluded. Im also sure Tenay & Borash will shove it down our throats with how awesome the X-Divison is all night long. However I may check it out online tonight to see how it goes.