Favorite Tag Team Match Ever

Like I said I’m going to try to do some basic topics like this on days where there isn’t anything significant going on.  They’ll probably be simple like this unless something interesting hits me.


My pick:Demolition vs. Hart Foundation – Summerslam 90.


This was 2/3 falls for the tag titles, held by the now heel Demolition.  They had turned over the summer and were unstoppable monsters.  They had recently added Crush who was going to be the long term replacement for Ax who was suffering from health problems.  The Harts were total underdogs who on paper were going to be crushed.  Oh I made a funny.


Anyway, the LOD are kind of lurking somewhere, promising that they’re next for Demolition no matter what.  The champs cheated through the first fall and went up 1-0, then got caught cheating to get it tied up.  The Harts were more or less dead when Ax came out (Demolition was using the Freebird Rule at the time) and hid under the ring.  He came in because “Ax and Smash look totally alike” (according to Vince at least).


The flaw with this was simple: Ax and Smash aren’t identical.  They’re really not close to being identical.  Smash was taller and a bit slimmer and had a bigger head.  You could easily tell them apart but Vince insisted you couldn’t.  Anyway after some heel shenanigans, the LOD came out and pulled the third man from under the ring and beat him down, allowing Neidhart to hit a slingshot shoulder block to give the Harts the upset of the year.  Vince’s reaction and the pop are great and it’s just a fun moment.  It was also the Harts’ last run with glory as they would drop the belts at Mania and quietly split soon after.


Anyway, what’s your pick?  It can be any form of tag match ever and this is really just for fun.


  1. FunKay says:

    My favourite is probably Jericho & Benoit vs. The Two Man Powertrip. It’s pretty eventful with HHH tearing the quad and the crowd were super into it. It was tremendous to see two smaller guys get to be the ones to take down the Powertrip after larger guys like The Brothers of Destruction had failed. Good match made great by a super crowd.

  2. Mozz says:

    Hey KB, how is Cody Rhodes and Goldust a rib on Dusty Rhodes?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Think about it for a minute: Dusty is all about being the common man and being a cowboy from Texas and is the man’s man. His sons’ gimmicks are that of a gay man who is shaped like a golden penis and a metrosexual. Imagine Dusty in full cowboy mode being told that these are the gimmicks his kids would get.

  3. Anton82 says:

    For favorite tag team match ever I gotta go hart brothers vs steiner brothers from wrestlefest 94. Just a fantastic match by 4 guys in their prime. Plus Owen had the balls to take the Steiner screwdriver just to put icing on the cake

  4. newc868 says:

    I think I have to go with TLC II from Wrestlemania 17. That match is just pure spot fest but I still pop for it everytime I watch it. The 3 teams involved really did bring the house down and it was a great match to watch.

    noahconstrictor Reply:

    Agree with you on this one. The first 2 were by no means bad matches, but this one is the best one. I love this match and it never bores me when I watch it.

  5. Anton82 says:

    The TLC match is awesome, no doubt about it. For me those spotfests kind of blend together and aren’t as distinguishable as other matches. But that was the first of it’s kind, was phenomenal, and on one of the best cards ever so no argument

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It wasn’t the first of its kind. it was the perfection of that style of a match though.

  6. Anton82 says:

    That wasn’t the first TLC match? My timeline during that era is pretty hazy

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I’ve never been good at detecting sarcasm, but the fact that it’s called TLC II would kind of imply it’s been done.

  7. Anton82 says:

    No sarcasm, just ignorance on my part. My bad

  8. Bj says:

    Steiners vs Lex Luger/Sting. Can’t remember what yr however

    klunderbunker Reply:

    1991 at SuperBrawl.

  9. CommamderHaspburg says:

    A rather rectent one: DIY vs The Revivial at TakeOver Toronto.