Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – May 12, 1982 – Now THIS Is Old School

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Date: May 12, 1982
Location: Techwood Studios, Charlotte, North Carolina
Commentators: Bob Caudle, David Crockett

So this is Mid-Atlantic and this is the only show I’m doing of it. This would be the grandfather of WCW in a long story that I don’t want to get into again. Anyway this is pre-Starrcade so it’s a pure territory show. Let’s get to it.

The opening theme is mainly a map of the territory and bad music.

Caudle and Crockett open the show, talking about a tag team title tournament. The finalists are Ole Anderson/Stan Hansen vs. Don Muraco/Wahoo McDaniel which is going to be a best of seven series.

Sandy Scott, a former Stampede heel referee, is now a representative of the NWA. Jack Brisco is here having just beaten Rodney (yes Rodney) Piper for the Mid-Atlantic Title. He says he was here to win titles but Piper comes up with a trashcan. Brisco is garbage and a trashcan Indian. Brisco pulls out a sucker and puts it in Piper’s pocket. A jobber is there and Piper beats him up for fun.

Since the interview area is mere feet from the ring, Horner (the jobber) and Piper get in there along with Ivan Koloff. Brisco comes out to even the odds. Muraco is here and it’s a wild brawl as we go to a break. Scott, the NWA representative says that for the next 30 days there will be NO Disqualifications. Also if they go to a time limit there will be a two minute rest and then a battle to the finish. Muraco calls out Koloff, having more energy than I’ve ever heard from him.

Ron Richie vs. Jim Dalton

No clue who either of these people are but one looks familiar. There’s a very tiny crowd here which is weird to see. It’s weird hearing the crowd this silent but there can’t be more than 100 people there, which is capacity. We’re talking about the opening segment so I have no idea what the point of this match is. Come to think of it I have no idea who is who.

THERE WE GO! Dalton is in blue. That helps a lot and I think he’s the heel. There are a lot of nerve/rest holds in this one. Decent dropkick from Richie to give him a break. They speed things up a bit and a powerslam out of nowhere gets the pin for Richie. That was really, really bad.

Rating: D-. From a technical standpoint it’s ok but at the same time there was just nothing worth paying attention to at all here. The commentators were at the level of Tony Schiavone with talking about stuff not related to the match. I still have no idea why this match happened or who I was supposed to like.

Sgt. Slaughter, the US Champion, says he’s still the champion. He wants Wahoo and Muraco in these matches with No DQ. I think he’s heel here but I’m really not sure.

Killer Khan vs. Vinnie Valentino

Khan was an old school monster that feuded with Hogan and Andre in WWF. Valentino is a jobber. You do the math. Arm bar goes on for awhile, Valentino gets some jobber offense in, Khan massacres him, big knee drop ends it. No rating.

Kelly Kiniski (likely playing a relative of Gene) and Mike Davis (no clue) are here. Kelly has a Canada jacket on so yeah I think I’m right. He mentions his dad and says he’s Canada’s greatest athlete so yep I was right. He’s ready for King Kong Mosca. Davis runs down Piper a bit also, saying Brisco is going to kill him.

King Parsons vs. Tony Russo

Earl Hebner is referee here and looks just like he does now, 29 years later. Parsons would become a much bigger deal in WCCW. Russo is a fat man but he’s short. Think Kevin Sullivan but with a bigger gut and black hair. Full nelson by Parsons gets him nowhere. Hip toss out of the corner sets up a dropkick as this is likely going to be another squash. Parsons throws some off punches and here comes Russo. This is one of the sloppiest matches I’ve ever seen. Parsons gets a monkey flip and some other basic moves before a headbutt ends it.

Rating: F. This was awful as both guys looked terrible and none of their shots were hitting at all. Parsons looked lost out there and Russo didn’t help anything. Terrible match indeed.

King Kong Mosca, a monster, says he loves the No DQ rule.

In the same shot Piper comes up and goes off on Brisco saying he’s got a counter to the Figure Four. This is another classic Piper rant and we get the “you don’t throw rocks at a guy with a machine gun” line, which is far more famous when he said it in WWF.

Ole Anderson comes up after Piper leaves and says he and his partner are winning the tag title series.

King Kong Mosca vs. Kelly Kiniski

Paul Jones comes out early in the match and joins commentary. Kiniski works on the arm of the monster. We spend very little time talking about the match itself as Jones is talking about the new rules as well. Mosca gets a knee to the ribs and controls with a front facelock. Kiniski fights back but misses a dropkick to put himself right back down again.

Mosca yells at Jones after drilling Kiniski. This is more or less about Jones rather than the match at hand. We hit the chinlock now and this is going on a good bit too long now. Kinishi gets a slam out of nowhere for two. This is going on way too long here and it’s boring now. Kiniski goes into the corner but the referee breaks it up. A big forearm of all things ends it for Mosca.

Rating: D-. This was one of the weakest matches I’ve seen in a long time. It ran about seven minutes when it should have been about two. There was nothing special at all about this as Mosca was lumbering all over the place. Cut this in half and make it a squash and it works ok at best.

Jim Dalton and Steve Syberg (I think that’s his name) like the new rules. You think that’s a theme or something tonight?

Private Nelson/Private Kernoodle vs. Johnny Weaver/Jake Roberts

The former here are known as Sgt. Slaughter’s Privates. I can’t make this stuff up people. Kernoodle would be a tag partner of Sarge while Nelson would eventually embrace his Soviet roots and become Boris Zhukov. Roberts you know and Weaver is credited with inventing the sleeper. I think the military dudes are heels here but they’re kind of inept.

Weaver vs. Kernoodle at the moment with Weaver destroying him seemingly with ease. Atomic drop gets two. Nelson comes in and goes after Weaver’s arm. Back to Kernoodle now as the beating is on. The referee rubs Nelson’s head for no apparent reason. Yes the one on top of his neck you sick freaks.

Hey let’s talk about the no DQ and Piper some more! We haven’t done that in 19 seconds so we need to do it now! Back to the arm now and it’s all Privates here. After about four minutes of arm work we get the hot tag off to Jake who cleans house. DDT, called a Brainbuster here, gets two on Nelson. The running knee sends him out to the floor and we’re almost out of time. And yep there’s the bell as we’re out of time. This will continue next week apparently.

Rating: C. Match was ok at best but they had more of a formula and they set it up a bit better. The Privates were ok as a weak heel team and we got a decent match out of it. Roberts as this young was kind of interesting to see even though he wasn’t in there much at all. This was to play up the must be a winner thing that was part of the rule change.

Weaver and Roberts say they’ll be back next week with no time limit to end the show.

Overall Rating
: D+. This was a pretty weak show by modern standards but overall it wasn’t too bad. They definitely had a theme going here and the Piper vs. Brisco feud is actually kind of interesting. They would trade the title a few more times over the summer before Piper turned face. Anyway this was an ok show but nothing great. Kind of fun from a history standpoint though.


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    Hot damn this sounds horribly boring.

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