End of the Year Awards: Female of the Year

These will get better I promise.  First up: Female of the Year.


The only person I can really give this to is Kharma.  She showed up in WWE and flat out took over the division.  She wasn’t around for very long but she made a huge impact to put it mildly.  The whole division was on the verge of being built around her but it had to be stopped due to something outside her control.  I can’t wait for her to come back and crush Kelly so she can sprinkle her on a pizza.


Your picks?


  1. Sebastian Howard says:

    Beth maybe?

  2. Thriller says:

    As sad as it is, I would have to go with Kelly. Kharma only showed up for a couple weeks and never really was able to capitalize on her momentum. Kelly got her first title, had a decent run with it, and is the face of the division. There isn’t much to work with here, but I would say that she would be my choice.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Not for me. She does more to hurt the idea of women’s wrestling than anyone. She’s there because she looks great in a swimsuit and that’s it. She’s the reason the Divas divison makes me want to change the channel.

    Thriller Reply:

    I don’t disagree with most of what you said, and I agree that Kharma would have been the winner of this if she had been around for any amount of time. The Knockouts were whatever this year, Beth and Natalya had an intriguing heel turn, but haven’t done anything with it, and the rest of the Divas did nothing but occasional flavor of the month feuds. Kelly is a pathetic excuse for a wrestler, but I’m afraid she is the female of the year in mainstream wrestling.

    I’d take Sara del Rey over any of the TNA/WWE chicks, but given what you know, I have to go with Kelly.