EOTY Awards – Promo of the Year

Not what you might expect.I’m actually going with Cena’s rap against the Rock.  This did a few things.  First and foremost, it made people laugh.  This was a hilarious promo with great jokes and even some visuals like the pinwheel.  Second, it showed that Cena could indeed hang with Rock on the mic.  He got destroyed in Rock’s promo but then came back and to me, exceeded him.  The most important thing though is that it set the stage for the whole feud.  We have a guy that is loud, making childish jokes and talking in a way he doesn’t look compatable with, and then we have John Cena.  Cena has outclassed Rock the whole time in this and it hasn’t been close, at least not to me.


Your thoughts/picks?


  1. mathix says:

    great choice. I would have gone with punk’s, but all a matter of opinion. I agree about cena dominating this feud. Plus he doesnt need 15 catchphrases or need to say ass every 5 seconds to have a great promo. this should probly go in your question thread kb, but would rock still be good on the mic if he didnt have his catchphrases? or couldnt say ass for that matter

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Rock is a guy that is just entertaining. He has a charisma about him and he makes whatever he’s talking about funny. I don’t know if it’s how he looks or his charm or what, but he has this ability to make whatever he’s talking about entertaining. There’s a scene on one of his early VHS/DVDs where he goes to a barber shop he used to go to and talks about getting his hair cut and somehow he made THAT kind of entertaining. The catchphrases help, but it’s the way he says them that make them work. he’s a funny guy and he’d be that no matter what expletives he couldn’t use.

  2. Mike M. says:

    Thanks to the modern marvel of WWE Network, I was watching a 2004 Smackdown the other day and saw Cena do the exact same pinwheel line, complete with prop he did against The Rock. I believe it was directed at the F.B.I of all people.