EOTY Awards – Feud/Rivalry of the Year

The common sense answer would be Cena vs. Rock or Punk.  I’ve never been one for common sense though.I’m going with Christian vs. Orton.  They never stopped having good matches and the feud naturally progressed very well.  You would see them building on sequences throughout the series of matches, such as the dive out of the corner by Christian being caught in an RKO.  That turned into a fake in the second match, then Orton faked Christian by waiting with the RKO again.  That’s thinking and calling back to previous matches, which is very rare today.  I loved this feud and the blowoff was great.  Feud of the year to me.


Your thoughts/picks?

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  1. FunKay says:

    Completely agree. It allowed both men to shine brightly as Christian finally became a main event player. Was he strong and powerful? No, but that was the point. He was crafty and experienced. Orton was the good guy who stood above all others and provided the goal for Christian to aim for. The matches were intelligent and continuously good. It was Wile E. Coyote vs. Road Runner and as ever, it was vastly entertaining.