Orton Injured

As I’m sure all of you have heard by now, Orton is injured. Last night at Smackdown there was an angle aired where he can be written off TV for awhile. It’s not currently known how bad it is. Sheamus will be replacing him on the house show circuit.

Thoughts on this?


  1. newc868 says:

    I feel it’s bad for Barrett more than Orton. Although Barrett can get exposure as being the guy who put Orton out (which would be nice considering how many people Orton put out) but not having Orton around means he loses a big rub he’d get from Orton.

    It leaves SD without the guy who gets the biggest pop of the night and they look considerably weaker for it (the top two faces reaction wise (Orton/Sin Cara) are out until after ‘Mania it seems) and so we could see a couple guys from Raw doing double duty ala Zack Ryder, Air Boom, etc.

    For Orton it’s happened at a horrible time but when he comes back, it could be one of the biggest moments of 2012 and has the potential to be one of those ‘great returns’ where the roof gets damn near blown off the place – although I fully expect him to cost Barrett at the Rumble in front of his home crowd somehow.

    Daniel Bryan is a guy who could benefit from it though. He’s the current champion and there’s a massive face void that needs to be filled so he could use this to get the crowd back onto his side.

    We’ll have to see how it goes but atm, I’d say it’s bad short term but long term it’s a goldmine, if things go well.

  2. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    I’m pretty neutral on Randy Orton’s current character, but there is no denying that he is one of the most consistent wrestlers who is capable in pulling out great matches with anyone he works with. I think that is what will be missing the most now that he is injured. The WWE doesn’t have a guy who can take nearly anyone and produce an outstanding match.