Brodus Clay: The Funkasaurus

I haven’t laughed so hard in YEARS.  That was great.


  1. Thriller says:

    I loved it. The guy has a unique look, so why not give him a unique gimmick? An unusual gimmick has much more staying power than another monster heel.

  2. Your Eternal Reward says:

    Generic complaint from the IWC

    Before he debuted: He is going to be another generic monster heel that gets fed to Cena within a couple of months and fades away into nothing.

    After he debuts: He should of debuted as a monster heel and ran through the roster. This gimmick change is stupid!

    I have to say this could be a fun gimmick for a few months. People need to lighten up and stop taking everything so seriously (sadly this is the internet and that isn’t an option).

  3. MrHashasheen says:

    Give him the world championship, give him all the damn championships. If he manages to incorporated it into his promos, I’ll die a happy man.