Who Wins The Chambers?

I think I’ll go with…..Barrett on Smackdown.  It just kind of fits and I could easily see Barrett vs. Sheamus at Mania.


On Raw, I think it’ll be Punk or Jericho, but hopefully Punk.  That’s certainly the way it seems they’re going.


Your picks/thoughts?


  1. FunKay says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Bryan’s the perfect heel to go into Mania for Sheamus to kill. He’s cowardly, sneaky and wins a hell of a lot becaus eof it. Sheamus is a beast and fucking him up would be sweet.

    As for Raw, I imagine Punk will survive, but only because Jericho gets too carried away when he has Punk right where he wants him.

  2. LSN says:

    I think we’ll see one of the champions retain, but certainly not both. The Chamber is designed to take the title off the champion many times without making them look weak.

    On the Raw side, I think Jericho will win. Then we get Punk’s rematch at Wrestlemania, with WWE completely ignoring the 30 day clause as they often do when it’s convenient.

    I’m not set on Jericho, however, and I’m not sure Bryan will retain. My guess here is Orton, as he’s paid his dues over the past year and put enough guys over that it’s time to re-insert him into the title picture. I could even see this being a triple threat w Bryan vs Orton vs Sheamus.