Against All Odds Preview

It’s that time again.This is an interesting show on paper.  I’m genuinely stumped as to who is winning the world title, but I think I’ll take Roode to retain.  I know the fun pick is Bully Ray, but even with his awesome heel run, it’s a dagger to the common fans.  Storm I just don’t see getting it back yet and I think they’ll save Hardy to win it at Lockdown.


Give me AJ over Kaz but not without shenanigans.


New tag/X Champs.


Gunner vs. Garrett…..someone check on me during that one to make sure I didn’t hang myself.




  1. The Killjoy says:

    I’m under the impression that Storm’s gonna get it. The way I see it, his feud with Roode is gonna be about as long the one Kurt had with Jarrett and last all the way to Slammaversary X for the major blow-off. I feel them trading the title a bit before them can add a lot to the feud.

  2. Jay says:

    I think Roode Retains but it would be kinda cool to see Bully Ray win the World Title. I guess they are saving either Jeff Hardy or James Storm to win it either in April or June.

    Im picking New Tag Champions,AJ over Kaz,Aries keeps the X-Divison Title,Gail keeps the Womens Title,and yes make sure I will not hang myself during the Garrett/Gunner Match.