Superstars of Wrestling – January 19, 1991 – The Rumble Is Tonight

Superstars of Wrestling
Date: January 19, 1991
Location: SunDome, Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, Honky Tonk Man

No Mercy 04 is downloading so I have a random Superstars to do. Most of the other ones I have are from 1988 but this is a stand alone one from 1991. We’re getting close to the 91 Rumble so that’ll be the focus here. Actually this is from Rumble Saturday so expect a lot of it to be about that show. I have no idea what to expect here but let’s get to it.

Apparently this is Honky’s last TV appearance in his initial WWF run. The three commentators make Disney jokes to start.

Jake Roberts vs. Bob Bradley

Jake was blinded by Martel recently but he’s mostly ok here. He hits the knee lift and grabs the wrist for some cranking. Jake’s inset interview says he’ll be ready for Martel. Clothesline and DDT end this quick. Bradley gets the snake treatment post match.

UPDATE! With Gene Okerlund. He talks about the Rhodeses vs. DiBiase/Virgil and we get some quick comments from all of them. This was more or less the end of Dusty and Dustin in the WWF for years.

Earthquake vs. Randy Hunter

Earthquake hits some kicks to the ribs and Bravo says he’ll win the Rumble, even if it means going through Earthquake. The Earthquake ends Hunter quick.

Post match Hunter takes another one and is taken out on a stretcher.

Hart Foundation vs. Black Bart/WT Jones

The Harts are tag champions but this is non-title. Neidhart and Jim start things off. The Harts say they’re ready for the Rumble. I miss little things about the Rumble like that one. Off to Jones who takes a beating as well. Hart Attack ends Jones.

Off to the Event Center for promos about the Rumble. I won’t bother going into specifics for each because they all say the same thing. We hear from Warlord, Valentine, Shane Douglas (who wasn’t in it), Hawk and Power and Glory.

Mr. Perfect vs. Kevin Reno

Reno is a very small man in pink trunks. Perfect easily takes him to the mat and hits the Robinsdale Crush. He says that he’ll win the Rumble because he’s perfect. Perfectplex for the pin.

More promos about non-Rumble matches. Bossman is going to take out Barbarian to get to Heenan. The Orient Express wants the Rockers handed to him. The Rockers are ready for them. One thing that I really miss about these days: everyone has a personalized graphic behind them. It’s a small thing but it’s very cool.

Bushwackers vs. Dennis Allen/The Gladiator

The Bushwackers say what you would expect them to say on the day of the Rumble. Butch starts with Gladiator but it’s off to Luke quickly. Battering Ram takes down Allen and their double gutbuster gets the pin.

Off to the Brother Love Show with guests Sgt. Slaughter and General Adnan. Sarge gets the shot at Warrior tonight. He takes a few minutes to say that he’ll win the title and then take the title to Baghdad for a parade. He’ll take it to the United Nations also.

Another Rumble Report has Warrior rambling a lot regarding lost soldiers. He’ll be a general and champion after tonight.

Gene runs down some names in the Rumble and we hear from Martel, Duggan, Savage and Hogan. Gene runs down the rest of the card and Heenan says Barbarian is ready for Bossman.

The announcers wrap it up.

Overall Rating: C+. Yeah the wrestling was bad but the idea here was to push the Rumble and they certainly did that. This was such a great way of showcasing everyone in the match with at least letting us see their face. Today everyone knows that there are about 4 people who could win, but it’s a fun thought that everyone at least has a miracle chance. Today though you don’t even hear the names of the people before they go into it. I liked this but I like this era and it hyped up the PPV very well. Good show.

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  1. Redsox4life says:

    Shane Douglas was definitely in the Rumble match. He didn’t last long, but he was a entrant in the match. Randy Savage must have been the person you were thinking of that cut promos about being an entry in the Rumble but ultimately wasn’t in the match. But that’s the price you pay for having to build up a red-hot feud on the same day as the match.