Articles from March 2012

Thanks Again Guys

Yesterday (Saturday) shattered my old record for views/hits.  Thanks for reading my stuff and I’ll be (attempting to) post live Mania results at the end of every match tomorrow night.  No guarantees though.   Thanks, KB

Raw Might Be Delayed On Monday

My Kentucky Wildcats will be playing for the national championship so I might be a little preoccupied.  I’ll be recording the show and the review will be up as soon as possible, but this takes precedent.  Sorry guys.

Wrestlemania #28: General Thoughts/Predictions

This should be a solid show.

Wrestlemania #28: John Cena vs. The Rock

How do you follow HHH vs. Undertaker inside the Cell?  With this.

Wrestlemania #28: Hell in a Cell – Undertaker vs. Triple H

The End of an Era.  What Era that is isn’t clear but one is ending.

Wrestlemania #28: Raw World Title – CM Punk (C) vs. Chris Jericho

This is probably the show stealer.

Wrestlemania #28: Smackdown World Title – Daniel Bryan (C) vs. Sheamus

From a great build to almost no build.

Wrestlemania #28: Intercontinental Title – Cody Rhodes (C) vs. Big Show

Remember last year when Cody was Dr. Doom?  Neither do I.

Wrestlemania #28: Randy Orton vs. Kane

Because of a handshake from last summer.

Wrestlemania #28: Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny