Lord Tensai Debuts

They acknowledged that he’s a former WWE superstar but never said his name. He didn’t have anything covering his head so it wasn’t a secret or anything. I like that WAY better than pretending no one knew who he was because it’s not like he has a forgettable face. Tensai squashed Alex Riley.

Thoughts on the debut/character?


  1. Steve says:

    Boooring, that was a huge miss on a debut, but Idk what else they could have done. If they do indeed feed him to Cena it better be some kind of character change where he get more violent, destroys Tensai and we never see him again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, Giant Bernard needed a new gimmick in WWE. He couldn’t actually do his American stereotype gimmick in the United States. The Lord Tensai gimmick works as it is based in reality.

    The Japanese word that Tensai screamed as he hit his finisher on Riley was “Ichiban.” Ichiban is Japanese for “number 1” and is used alot in Japanese wrestling.

    A squash match was the right way to debut him. WWE should just keep feeding him jobbers every week for a while. A slow build is the right way to get him over. Actually, I’d team him up with Yoshi Tatsu and have the 2 of them dominate the tag division. Tatsu is a talented in-ring performer, also formerly of the New Japan promotion. Teaming Tensai with Tatsu would be basically using him in an equivalent manner to how he was used in Japan. He dominated Japanese tag team wrestling with Tyson Tomko as his partner and later did the same thing with Karl Anderson for a partner. It isn’t like WWE is doing anything with the tag titles anyway, so why not let a great tag team wrestler like Tensai hold the titles for a long time? When the team runs its course, he can turn on Tatsu and become a monster heel and leaving Tatsu as a strong midcard face.

    TheSDQQKidJoe Reply:

    Great tag team wrestler. You do remember T & A right?

    TheSDQQKidJoe Reply:

    Great tag team wrestler? You do remember T&A right?