Thought Of The Day – WWE Is Still The King

In the last four days, WWE has had two great shows and has shocked us with a few great moments. There are a ton of questions that we have now and it’s very unclear where things are going. It’s WWE proving yet again that they can turn it on at the drop of a hat and be the most intriguing company in the world.

Cue various people saying it’s boring and uninteresting because they have to try to sound smart.


  1. Evan says:

    WWE has stepped up their game. While it still has some bad moments, as does most wrestling companies, it is still an INFINITY times better than what TNA and ROH puts on television and PPV.

    WWE has it’s down periods, just look at 2009 for example, personally I hated it. 2010 was a good year, 2011 was an all time great year IMO, and now we have 2012, and WWE has a level of excitement surrounding it that hasn’t been seen since well…..I’m not sure.

    Cheers to my favorite wrestling company in the world, now PLEASE don’t screw this up.

    AttitudeFan Reply:

    Yeah 2009 was damn horrible with summer Smackdown being the only high point.

  2. Jay says:

    I would agree that WWE is still the King of Wrestling. They still know how to put on Shows (WM 28/RAW/and im sure Smackdown this week) and give us compelling Moments/Storylines. TNA wishes they could be as compelling/interesting as WWE is.