Lesnar Attacks And Injures HHH

In case you didn’t see it the first three times it aired in an hour on Raw.

This obviously is setting up a match either at Over the Limit or MITB which I think is the next PPV. It was supposed to be at Wrestlemania 21 but Lesnar bailed. The match would be interesting and HHH can go down without losing face.

Thoughts on this?

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  1. Macios says:

    Hey Kb,

    I personally like the entire injury angle. I thinki this allows Triple H to train and get off any remaining ring rust he may have. I have a feeling that it will be a No DQ match so I wouldn’t be suprise if Trips puts on a good showing. I feel that there may even be a stipulation where if lesnar wins he wins a title match or something possibly at NOC if not summerslam.