Randy Orton Suspended For 60 Days By WWE Due To Wellness Violation


This might be a good thing for him. he needs to freshen up a bit. This is his second violation.



  1. Macios says:

    I think ultimately it will be good for him…

    On a side note if you read this it would appear that my one year ban on the forums was shortened by 8 days…. Not that I have any problem with that but just saying…. I plan on being good this go around.

  2. Wayne says:

    It may be a good thing for him, it’s just unfortunate that it took a suspension to do it.

  3. DiscipleofWrestling says:

    That’s a big hit for Friday Night Smackdown’s show. There will probably be a lot more crossovers from Cena, Punk, and other “Raw” stars on the show. One thought: I know this is Orton’s second offense (publicly anyway). But it’s hard to believe that WWE will fire Orton if he gets the third strike. He’s their third biggest star at the moment arguably. And I don’t see Vince saying “Well, Randy, despite all the money you bring in, you’ve violated the wellness policy three times. Have fun in Orlando. And tell Terry to keep sucking.”

    Sully Reply:

    I know right. Vince will only risk losing a lot of stockholders and jail time for not releasing Orton on his (if he gets one) third strike.

  4. Jay says:

    Well as much as I like Randy this is bad timing as I was looking forward to a Match with him & Dolph at No Way Out. Plus even a potential Match with Sheamus at Summerslam. Hopefully this will do him some good.

  5. Rocko says:

    Well shit. He will still have two weeks left on his suspension when Smackdown comes to San Diego. Oh well, at least Cena is supposed to show up.