Impact Wrestling – July 5, 2012: The Hot Streak Dies An X-Tremely Painful Death

Impact Wrestling
Date: July 5, 2012
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz

It’s the final show before Destination X and we’ll mainly just be driving home the stories for the show. We’ll likely get more on the AJ/Dixie/Clair/Daniels/Kaz story which isn’t really clicking all that well. Other than that we also have the other two X-Division tournament qualifying matches which can bring in some new blood to the division. The main event tonight is Hardy vs. Storm which should be good. Let’s get to it.

We open with the voiceover guy explaining the Park vs. Ray story so far. Actually he’s also explaining the AJ/Dixie thing.

Here’s Ray to open the show. He has a huge announcement: he’s going live on Twitter. After his first tweet, he wants Joseph Park out here right now. Cue Park so Ray can accept the challenge for I assume next week. Park talks about precedent and how Park already beat Ray once, so he can do it again. Ray gets in his face but Park says that everyone is fed up with Ray and his bullying and he’ll win again. It’s next Thursday and anything goes. Ray pulls out a paper which is a restraining order against Abyss. If Abyss shows up, he’s going straight to jail. Ray jumps him and walks out. Nice change of pace here.

Aries and Hogan are in the back. Hogan says that Aries has to relinquish the title tonight and Aries says he’ll do it at the end of the night.

After a break we get ANOTHER recap of the AJ/Dixie thing.

Dixie is in the back with the agents and apparently she hasn’t talked to Clair (she was sitting next to Clair last week when everything happened) or AJ and has no comment.

TV Title: D-Von vs. Crimson

Crimson grabs a pair of quick two counts and make it three, the third try having his feet on the ropes. That gets him nowhere so he hammers D-Von into the corner. A low clothesline gets two and D-Von starts his comeback. Crimson takes his head off with a clothesline for another two which was really sloppy. Crimson walks into the spinebuster for the pin at 2:02. As usual, D-Von comes, he goes, the match ends and we move on to the next week.

Here’s Madison Rayne and she likes……Earl Hebner. Oh sweet goodness.

Here’s Sabin for a statement after his latest knee injury. He talks about how his dream is turning into a nightmare. He went home and talked to his family and they weren’t sure if he could keep doing this. His doctor isn’t sure either….and here’s Bobby Roode. Roode says that this is heartbreaking, but it’s also pathetic.

Just like every other X-Division guy, Sabin is complaining about his little injuries, just like he did last year and just like Sorensen is doing about his broken neck. Aries is giving up his title for one big score, but it could all go away from him, just like this. And with that, Roode kicks the leg out from under Sabin. He stomps away until Aries makes the save. Pure evil from Roode here.

X-Division Title Tournament Qualifying Match: Dakota Darsow vs. Flip Cassanova

Cassanova is Flip Kendrick. He does exactly what his name says and flips A LOT. Cassanova hits a standing 450 moonsault, landing in a sitting position on Darsow’s (Demolition Smash’s son) chest. Out to the floor and Flip hits a big spinning flip dive moonsaut. Cassanova has some freakishly skinny legs. Darsow kind of sucks in this as he’s looking completely off. His nose is also busted. Cassanova hits a springboard clothesline and a 630 dive off the top for the pin at 4:08.

Rating: F. This was BAD. Cassanova is one of those guys that flies all over the place but it looks like a mess most of the time. The ending looked horrible and I’d be stunned if Darsow wasn’t legit hurt. I can easily see why Darsow isn’t in FCW anymore. This was absolutely terrible and easily the worst match on TNA in months.

There’s no Knockout Title match tonight for no apparent reason. It’s a tag match instead.

We recap the end of the Gut Check segment last week.

Gail Kim/Madison Rayne vs. Tara/Miss Tessmacher

Madison jumps Tessmacher to start and sends her to the floor. Back in and Gail takes over as we get some great shots from behind of Tara. Madison comes back in and beats on the champ a bit more before it’s hot tag to Tara. House is cleanted by Gail breaks up the Widow’s Peak. Tara whips Madison into Gail and the Peak hits this time. Back to Tessmacher so that legsweep into a clothesline can get the pin at 2:57. Another bad match here and stupid booking as the right idea would be to have Gail pin Tessmacher to set up next week’s match. This advances nothing.

Storm talks about losing at Lockdown. He can’t live in the past anymore.

Here’s AJ to address the situation from last week (which we see for the third time in less than an hour. He talks about how Daniels had a big fake story last time, so how is he going to prove it this time? Cue Daniels and Kaz who say that while AJ might not get this, he does get junkies pregnant. AJ says he’ll use his redneck hands to rip Kaz’s head off. Daniels says he has proof but AJ cuts him off.

AJ says this started last year at Destination X when AJ won and Daniels couldn’t handle it. Now it’s a year later and Styles wants another match at Destination X. It’s a last man standing match and since Daniels isn’t a man, he doesn’t stand a chance. That’s it apparently, as we won’t be hearing from the girls at all. Next.

We look at a camera filming Hogan talking about Sunday when a guy comes in with an envelope, saying that this is the end for Hogan. He hands Hogan an envelope which Hogan opens to see playing cards: two pair, aces and 8’s, which is famously known as the Dead Man’s Hand. It also says see you next week. The guy leaves and that’s it.

Video on Jeff Hardy who wants to win the BFG Series.

X-Division Title Tournament Qualifying Match: Kenny King vs. Lars Only

King is one half of the ROH Tag Team Champions. Only looks like a rocker or something. Apparently the title match will be Ultimate X. King hits a Japanese armdrag and makes fun of Only’s guitar playing gimmick. Only speeds things up (he’s a TINY dude) and hits a cross body to the back and a kick to the head for two. Actually there’s going to be 8 people in the tournament and the four winners of semi-finals will be in Ultimate X. Ok then.

They head to the floor and Kenny hits a flip off the apron as Tenay talks about male strippers. Back in and a kind of Pele gets two for King. Only avoids a legdrop and sends King back to the floor. Lars takes Kenny down with a kind of 619 around the post into a bad rana. A HORRIBLE looking modified Stunner gets two for Only. Lars tries a tornado DDT but King escapes and hits a reverse F5 (same starting position but Lars landed on his back) for the pin at 5:12.

Rating: D+. Lars is REALLY bad. This has been one of the worst in ring nights from TNA that I can remember in a very long time. This didn’t work for the most part at all but King was light years ahead of Only out there. If nothing else he doesn’t look to be Mysterio’s size but with none of the talent.

King says on Sunday a King will be crowned.

Video on Aries who is getting ready for his match on Sunday. He always finds a way to win, usually with brainbusters. He can win on his own merits, unlike Roode who needs beer bottles.

Aries hugs King in the back and they chat a bit. King leaves and a guy asks Aries if he’s going to relinquish the title tonight. Aries says of course he is.

Here are the BFG Series standings:

James Storm 36

Samoa Joe 27

Magnus 14

Kurt Angle 10

Mr. Anderson 8

D’Angelo Dinero 7

Jeff Hardy 7

Rob Van Dam 7

Christoper Daniels 5

Bully Ray 0

Robbie E 0

AJ Styles 0

Bound For Glory Series: Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm

Feeling out process to start and it’s a standoff about a minute in. Hardy runs from the Last Call and Storm runs away from the Twist of Fate. Tazz tries to explain that the Twist is faster than the kick which is kind of head scratching. We’re three minutes into this now and there’s been barely any contact. Storm hides on the floor so Jeff dives at him but only hits ropes. They lock up and we take a break. Great.

Back with Hardy having his chinlock broken up. This match is almost going in slow motion. They’re not doing anything of note which I hope isn’t what they call an epic match feel. Storm makes his comeback but Hardy takes him right back down and hits the legdrop between Storm’s legs for two. Storm goes to the corner and hits a kind of mat slam out of the corner for two. Hardy is holding his arm. He sends Storm to the floor and hits a dropkick through the ropes.

Hardy dives onto Storm but gets caught in a Codebreaker which the announcers seem to miss. Back in and Storm clotheslines him down but misses a corner splash. Hardy hits the slingshot dropkick and there goes the shirt. Swanton misses so Storm goes up and hits a top rope elbow for two. Last Call misses and there’s the Twist for the pin at 14:07.

Rating: D+. If this was supposed to be their big epic main event, it really didn’t work. The stuff before the break was Storm running away like a heel would and the stuff after the break was nothing better. TNA main event matches have a real problem with building drama and it was no exception here. Hardy avoided the kick and hit the Twist out of nowhere. It wasn’t horrible or anything but it was nothing great. Just kidn of there.

They shake hands post match.

We recap the history of Angle vs. Joe because they have a match on Sunday. Scratch that as it’s just Angle debuting and fighting Joe.

We run down the card, which is Angle vs. Joe, the title match, AJ vs. Daniels, four X matches and the Ultimate X match. Based on what we saw tonight…..oh dear.

Bound For Glory is in Phoenix.

Angle vs. Anderson is the main event next week.

Here’s Hogan for the closing segment with five minutes left. Hogan says he isn’t used to the fans being this loud….and here’s Roode. Roode says Hogan has been suckered in by this Option C thing and it’s been nothing but false promises from Hogan. On Sunday he’s killing the X Division and it’s on Hogan’s hands.

Cue Aries who says Roode has a tendency to do this a lot. Aries says the options tonight are to give the belt to Hogan, or wait for Sunday to beat up Roode, or Option C: beat up Roode now. There goes the jacket and they get in each others’ faces and Roode backs down. He swings the belt but Aries ducks and blasts Roode with the X Belt to end the show.

Overall Rating: D. The streak of hot shows didn’t end tonight. It was shot through the head and dismembered tonight. This show was awful with bad matches throughout and a pretty weak build up for the PPV on Sunday. Aries vs. Roode looks good but other than that, I have no desire to see anything on the show. This didn’t work at all and I really hope it’s a one off problem so it doesn’t end their great streak forever.

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