Thought Of The Day: Missed Masterpieces Of The 80s

Barry Windham vs. Randy Savage


Ted DiBiase vs. Tito Santana


To the best of my knowledge, neither match ever happened.  Tito vs. Ted might have on some house show but I’m 99% positive that Windham vs. Savage never did, at least not when it would have been great (read as before 1989ish when Windham just stopped trying).  Imagine either of these matches getting 20 minutes and see if you don’t smile a little.


  1. Wayne says:

    Those two matches mentioned at the top would’ve been great matches to be sure, and the DiBiase vs. Santana match may have happened on a house show definitely. I would like to throw a few picks here that would’ve been great in the 80s:

    Flair vs. Hogan (Can you IMAGINE this match at Wrestlemania in the 80s?? Man…..)

    Hogan vs. Jake Roberts (With Jake being a heel and Hogan being the face, this would’ve been very good)

    Demolition vs. The Legion of Doom

    Arn Anderson vs. Ricky Steamboat

    The Rockers vs. Strike Force

    Just to name a few.

  2. Frank says:

    DiBiase vs Santana:

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I figured it would have happened somewhere.

  3. #MrScissorsKick says:

    Bret vs Savage?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    We got that on a SNME.

    #MrScissorsKick Reply:

    Man, I don’t remember that at all. Which SNME was it?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Hmm…..what Saturday Night’s Main Event was it? If only there was an e-book answering whatever you wanted to know about SNME…..oh wait:

    Why yes that is a book I wrote with every answer you could possibly need.

    Like the answer to this question, which is XIII.