Impact Wrestling – January 10, 2013: My Head Just Exploded

Impact Wrestling
Date: January 10, 2013
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Tazz, Mike Tenay

It’s both the go home show for Genesis and the return of Gut Check, although in a tweeked format. This time it’s going to be TWO guys fighting for a contract, although there’s no word on whether or not a win guarantees a contract. Other than that we’re getting ready for Genesis, which isn’t exactly a show I’m thrilled about watching. Let’s get to it.

After the opening recap, here are Sting, Joe and Angle to the ring. Sting says it’s good to be back and on Sunday he’s coming for Doc. As for tonight, he’s here with some friends like the big black bat, Shooter and Killer. He invites the bikers to come get some and Joe says the same. Kurt gets a HUGE chant and says that he wants to know where Mr. Anderson stands.

Here’s Anderson who says that these guys were nowhere to be seen months ago when Aces and 8’s beat him down. After that Sting had a new partner (he’s talking about the BFG match) and now they’re questioning why he would turn his back on TNA. Angle says you’re either with us or we’re going to fight. Anderson gets in the ring and says he doesn’t have to answer to Angle and the fight is on.

One of the Gut Check guys is Jay Bradley, who odds are you don’t remember from WWECW as Ryan Braddock.

Brooke Hogan gets a phone call from Mark, which is Bully Ray’s first name.

X-Division #1 Contenders Tournament Semi-Finals: Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

The winner of this faces Christian York at Genesis with the winner getting a title shot at Van Dam later in the night. King sends him to the floor but misses a dive, followed immediately by Ion sliding back in and hitting a flip dive of his own. Back in and King gets two off a spinwheel kick as we talk about the new PPV system. Ion guillotines King on the top rope and gets two off a DDT. King tries the Royal Flush but gets taken down instead. Ion loads up a 450 but misses, and by misses I mean hits King as King rolls away. King pops up and hits the Royal Flush to advance to Genesis at 3:05.

Rating: C. Take two guys, put them in the ring and have them fly around the ring all over the place. Nothing special here but King looks much better than Ion. Then again I’ve seen festering blisters that don’t look as bad as Ion. Also wasn’t King a heel until a few weeks ago? He certainly didn’t act like one here.

King says he’ll win on Sunday.

Robbie E tries to get Tessmacher into a mixed tag later but she wants to tag with Robbie T. Tessmacher to E: “You disgust me!” E: “Why does every girl say that to me???”

Joseph Park is back and is ready to be a wrestler. He then walks into a door and can’t get inside.

Tara/Jesse Godderz vs. Robbie T/Miss Tessmacher

If nothing else, we get a clip of the Bro Off and Robbie E’s hilarious face. Jesse tries to jump Rob from behind because he’s an idiot and earns a slam. Off to the girls with Tessmacher taking over and hitting an X Factor out of the corner. There’s a Stinkface because that’s what you get on a wrestling show. T LAUNCHES Jesse into the corner and hits a BIG old powerbomb for the pin at 1:46.

T and Tessmacher dance post match and Robbie E LOSES IT. They kiss and E is about to have a heart attack. WHY DID IT TAKE THIS LONG FOR THEM TO BE THIS FUNNY???

Brian Cage talks about Gut Check.

Gut Check: Brian Cage vs. Jay Bradley

They’re both rookies and next week only one of them gets a contract. I have no idea which is which here. I know Bradley is from OVW but I’m not familiar with Cage. Bradley takes over with a slam and loads up his clothesline finisher but gets dropkicked tot he apron instead. Cage gets on the middle rope to suplex Bradley back inside and gets two off a spinning top rope elbow. Bradley pops back up and hits his running clothesline (the Boomstick) for the pin at 3:23.

Rating: C. This was fine but at the end of the day, this doesn’t really address the main problems with Gut Check: we never see these guys again, they’re still just guys in trunks fighting, and they all have the same story. Bradley was fine and will get the contract and no one will care, because we haven’t been given a reason to care.

Anderson yells at Aces and 8’s telling them to get serious. The girls are thrown out. The bikers go to a meeting and yell at Knox for losing his mask.

Joseph Park is in the ring and is glad to be back from camp. He asks Hulk to come out and here’s the big bald himself. Hulk says he’s got important things to deal with right no and Park needs more time than just a few weeks in camp. Park wants one of the Aces and 8’s so Hulk gives him any match he wants to shut him up.

Park leaves so here’s Brooke to pop up on screen and say she’s coming to the ring right now….thanks for the warning I guess?

Post break here’s Brooke to whine about being ignored. She has an important question and it’s going to determine their relationship for a long time. The question is will he reinstate Mark and Hulk says no. Well that was quick.

Aries and Roode talk about how awesome their shirts are and argue about what to wear to the ring. An argument over who is better and deserves to be the champion follows. If I heard Aries right, he calls them a wet dream team. Now they argue over who gets to go to the ring first. Funny stuff here.

Video on the guys in the triple threat on Sunday.

Bobby Roode/Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy/James Storm

So again, the bikers and their matches on Sunday of Sting vs. Doc and Park vs. likely Knox takes precedent over the world title. Roode and Hardy start things off with both guys getting in some quick shots, leading to a stalemate. Off to Aries via an aggressive tag so he can show off some lighter trunks. Aries takes hardy to the mat and rides him around to show off a bit. Hardy comes back with a headscissors and the good guys double team their villains for a bit. Aries gets hung upside down from the ropes by his feet before arguing with Roode for not pulling him down.

We take a break and come back with Roode charging into an elbow in the corner. Hardy goes up to dive onto the floor onto Roode but gets shaken down and crotched. Aries tags himself in by slapping Roode hard on the back before going after Jeff’s leg. Back to Roode who gets caught in a sunset flip for a delayed two due to the referee arguing with Aries. Back to Austin who takes turns with Roode in trying to one up the other. Roode suplexes Hardy down for no cover and drops a knee for the same.

Roode goes up but jumps into a boot, which combined with a mule kick by Jeff brings in Storm off the hot tag. Storm cleans house to big reactions from the crowd. An Alabama Slam puts Aries down as does a neckbreaker to Roode. Closing Time (Codebreaker) sends Aries to the floor but Daniels and Kaz run in to distract Storm and prevent the Last Call. Hardy hits a Twisting Stunner on Roode but Aries blasts Jeff in the back with the belt for the DQ at 13:38.

Rating: C+. This was perfectly fine for what it was supposed to be: a basic main event style tag match to set up a triple threat as well as a singles match on Sunday. The idea of two challengers being in an argument over the title on Sunday and allowing Hardy to overcome the odds to retain is a good idea.

Roode and Aries fight over the belt post match.

Brooke tells Mark not to come here tonight but asks him to come pick her up. Ok then.

The tag champs attack Morgan and Ryan inside a trailer. Still don’t care about this.

We run down the Genesis card. There’s a Knockouts gauntlet match for a title shot at a date to be determined. Park gets to fight D-Von on Sunday presumably meaning that Knox doesn’t have a match on Sunday.

Hardy monologues about Sunday.

Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

Anderson comes out from the regular entrance and to his own music. He does his entrance as usual and I can’t say I missed it that much. Well I could but I would be lying. Anderson bails to the floor to hide and Angle tells him to get in here for a fight. Anderson stalls some more and here’s Knox with the hammer to beat Angle down. No match. Brisco and Bischoff and Joe run out for the save.

Angle gets taken out on a stretcher. I’m guessing he needs time off.

Sting comes out and wants Knox RIGHT NOW. Well after a break that is of course.

Post break and it’s bat vs. hammer in what I think is going to be a match in a bit. Yep we get a bell after Knox gets hit with a bat.

Sting vs. Mike Knox

Hit with a bat? Why would that stop someone? Knox pounds Sting down to start as the fans chant for Sting. We head to the floor with Sting sending Knox into the steps a few times which still isn’t a DQ. Sting puts him against the barricade and ACTUALLY HITS THE SPLASH. That might be the second time I’ve ever seen him hit that. Back in and the Deathlock is countered but Sting no sells Knox’s offense. The Splash sets up the Death Drop for the pin at 3:24.

Rating: D. I’m seriously laughing at this match. Knox, the newest member of the team, is already losing his matches just like a good member of the team. They’ve completely lost the chances of making people take them seriously at this point, which defeats the purpose of a monster heel stable in the first place. Nothing to see here at all.

Post match Sting hits Knox in the hand with a hammer but D-Von pops up with possession of Brooke. He promises to make this their year and here’s Ray with his chain for the save. Brooke gets away from Aces and 8’s after being in their grip for all of 18 seconds. Hogan comes out with his arms crossed and glares.

Post break Hogan blames Ray for all these problems and says Ray isn’t the man for his daughter. Ray goes into his “I love this business” schtick and that he didn’t think he could love anything more than wrestling….until he met Brooke. She was apologizing for Hogan being a jerk. Hulk drops his mic and Ray keeps talking about how fast this is happening. He says screw this and puts Brooke between the two of them. Bully says he cares about Brooke a lot and gets on his knee to propose to her. She says yes and Ray wants it to happen next week on Impact. Sure why not.

Overall Rating: C+. This show wasn’t bad but it certainly wasn’t good either. It had it’s moments of comedy, but unfortunately only half of them were meant to be funny. Aces and 8’s are rapidly approaching unintentional comedy area which may be entertaining, but certainly not in the way TNA was shooting for. The world title stuff was good and nothing on the show was horrible, but it didn’t do much for making me want to see Genesis.


Kenny King b. Zema Ion – Royal Flush

Robbie T/Miss Tessmacher b. Tara/Jesse Godderz – Powerbomb to Godderz

Jay Bradley b. Brian King – Boomstick

Jeff Hardy/James Storm b. Bobby Roode/Austin Aries via DQ when Aries hit Hardy with a belt

Sting b. Mike Knox – Scorpion Death Drop

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  1. Not Jay says:

    TERRIBLE, BRUTAL episode of Impact. Raw is so much better. Can’t wait for RAW this Monday, it is gonna rock the world. Thank goodness we have RAW so we don’t have to watch Impact.

    Seriously, how good was RAW this past Monday! RAW BABY!

    The Killjoy Reply:

    What? No agreeing with KB? Do the full act, brother.

    Jay Reply:

    Dude what is your deal? Seriously?

    AttitudeFan Reply:


    I’m glad someone else is doing this to Jay for once. I was the first one to call Jay out on his WWE fanboy/TNA trolling bullshit. But he got upset so I just ignore his biased comments now.

    Jay Reply:

    Yeah because we know sitting behind a computer mocking someone is tough right?

  2. Kobiyashi says:

    I don’t ever wanna hear tna fans shit on wwe again, about how crappy and ridiculous the product is.

  3. The Killjoy says:

    I liked Impact this week. Ares and Roode show why they’re awesome, Rob Terry was funny, as crappy as Gut Check matches tend to be, this one was actually something good and Hulks face during Bully’s proposal has been the best thing that angle has produced. Well, it’s the only good thing that angle has produced. Aces and 8’s can go on being a modern Dungeon of Doom. As long as I get Storm, Roode and Ares I’m happy.

  4. James Gracie says:

    Thought this was a pretty good episode. I hate how the World title feud is taking a backseat to Brooke ‘frickin’ Hogan when the World title feud is actually very entertaining right now.

    Totally fine with Storm feuding with Kaz and Daniels.

    What a waste of Bully Ray(gotta be hurt right?), although I’m intrigued a little by this ‘wedding’ cause we all know how wrestling weddings turn out. Brooke Hogan and her entitled self needs to leave ASAP.

    Aces and 8’s…whatever. Like you said, will never be taken seriously. I think it’s about making TNA’s faces look strong now. Aries and Roode are the real top heels anyway in my eyes.

  5. Rocko says:

    It’s 2013 not 2012.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    So it is.