Genesis 2013 Preview

This is the last regular PPV for TNA until March and I’m not wild on the card in the first place.  Let’s get to it.We’ll start with the title matches.


Hardy will keep the title.  It looks like we’re heading for Aries vs. Hardy at Lockdown so Hardy would need to keep the belt here.  There’s a chance Aries wins here but I don’t see it happening.


We’ll say the tag titles change and leave it at that.  Thinking of these teams more than that makes my head hurt.


As for the X Title, I can picture King winning the belt but not York.  Therefore, the question is who wins the match between the two of them to qualify for the title match?  I’ll go with King but I don’t have much confidence in it.


Doc is in Aces and 8’s so he loses.


I’ll go with Storm to win my hopeful pick of the month.  Storm needs a big win as his push continues to stall and Daniels can bounce back with ease because of his comedy.


D-Von has to beat Park.  I mean…..he HAS TO.


As for the Knockouts gauntlet……Velvet.  Makes as much sense as anyone else.


Overall Genesis looks like most other TNA B shows: not much interesting other than on top of the show while the next episode of Impact seems more important.  The show might surprise us and absolutely will be better than Final Resolution.  It’s impossible to be less interesting than that nonsense was.  There isn’t much else to say about this and then we’ll get a few months of build to Lockdown.




  1. james gracie says:

    On paper it looks good, but I got fooled thinking that last month, so I might pass. Hopefully after this ppv, the build for the others will be better(it probably will be)

    I really wish they would add Destination X to their ppv line up and do 5 a year. I would keep Genesis in January, Lockdown in March/April, Slammiversary in June, move Destination X to August and possibly move Bound for Glory to November(a nod to the original Starrcade month). That way from Destination X to November they can do mostly Bound for Glory Series matches and that’s plenty of time to build to their biggest show.

  2. W.A.R. says:

    Has Velvet even been on TV recently? Honest question as I missed thursday’s show and only caught half of the one before, but I dont even remember her wrestling since her return

    james gracie Reply:

    She’s had one match. It was a few weeks ago and I honestly don’t remember who it was against. I think Kim or Madison