Genesis 2013: Aces and 8’s Are Inept, Hardy Is Champion, Everything Keeps Going Along

Genesis 2013
Date: January 13, 2013
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Tazz, Mike Tenay

It’s the first PPV of 2013 and the first PPV of a new system for TNA. Starting this year, the company is only going to have four traditional three hour shows a year, starting with Genesis here tonight. The main event is Hardy defending against Aries and Roode in a triple threat elimination match. The second biggest match is……Sting vs. Doc I guess? This isn’t the deepest card in the world. Let’s get to it.

The opening video is about a new beginning. How original guys.

Tag Titles: Matt Morgan/Joey Ryan vs. Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez

Chavo and Hernandez are defending and I’m glad to see this match get done first as it’s probably the least interesting one on the card for me. I just don’t care about either team at all. Chavo and Joey get things going with the champion taking him into the corner to start, only to get caught in a slingshot to send him into Morgan’s forearm. Off to the big man who almost immediately tags Ryan in again.

Joey dropkicks Guerrero down but like an idiot won’t cover. Chavo rolls into the corner for the tag to Hernandez who hits a BIG backdrop (Keneley can’t remember what to call it) before facing off with Hernandez. Joey blasts Hernandez in the back to allow Morgan to take over. Off to Joey for some chest rubbing and a front facelock. Morgan comes back in for a single shot and it’s back to Ryan again.

Morgan’s discus lariat keeps Hernandez down and he laughs at Hernandez for not being able to tag out. Hernandez finally avoids a charge in the corner from Ryan and makes the tag, but naturally the referee doesn’t see it. Morgan and Ryan tag in and out some more to beat on SuperMex with Matt holding Hernandez up for Ryan to pound away. Joey hooks a lame neck crank which Hernandez easily breaks and follows up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Hot tag brings in Chavo to clean house with Three Amigos on Ryan. Everything breaks down and Chavo staggers Morgan with a missile dropkick. The champs hit a double dropkick to send Morgan staggering over Ryan before Hernandez hits a SICK (and mostly botched) sitout powerbomb on Joey. The Frog Splash retains the titles at 11:30.

Rating: C. The match was fine aside from Ryan nearly having his neck broken. Ryan and Morgan have no reason to be together and I’m hoping the team gets split up after tonight. Morgan has the potential to be a big star in Aces and 8’s but instead, they’re just wasting him on a guy who is basically a comedy act. Nothing to see here and not a great choice for an opener.

Morgan glares at Ryan post match.

Apparently Joe has challenged Anderson for a match tonight. Anderson is tired of being accused so tonight he’ll have the match. Nice job of advertising this beforehand guys.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe

They talk a lot of trash to start with Anderson throwing his shirt in Joe’s face. This goes badly for Mr. as Joe pounds away in the corner. Joe takes him down to the mat and drops a knee for two. We head to the floor with Anderson getting in a few shots to take over. Anderson kicks at the knee and rams the back into the apron before we head inside again. A clothesline gets two as does a swinging neckbreaker so it’s back to Joe’s knee instead.

Anderson hits a dropkick to the knee for two but seems hesitant to go for a submission hold, which makes sense given who he’s fighting. Instead he cannonballs down onto the leg a few times before getting kicked out to the floor. The elbow suicida takes Anderson out but he hurts his knee again in the same move. Back in and Joe takes over with a backsplash and the snap powerslam for two. We get dueling chants about Anderson as he counters the Clutch, only to charge into a Rock Bottom out of the corner. Joe loads up the MuscleBuster but here’s Knox for the distraction, allowing Anderson to hit the Mic Check for the pin at 10:55.

Rating: C-. These two just don’t work all that well together. This was better than their TV Title match from a few months ago but it still didn’t work all that well. The biker interfering was more annoying than anything else because we’ve been through the “which side is he on” stuff with Anderson before. The match didn’t do anything for me, much like Aces and 8’s in general.

Kenny King is ready for York tonight but he’s more ready for RVD. RVD has gone soft according to King, as he’s not the same one who kicked Sabu and Jerry Lynn in the face. Good promo here.

Christian York vs. Kenny King

Winner gets RVD later in the night. Apparently that means immediately after this match. Oddly enough we get a LOUD Christian chant. Feeling out process to start with York grabbing a quick headlock. They both try dropkicks at the same time and we’ve got a standoff. King slaps him in the face and they run the ropes a bit, only to have Christian hold the ropes and slap King in the face. Nice touch there.

York hits a leg lariat and a knee to the face for two but gets sent to the floor. King misses a corkscrew plancha attempt though and gets caught in a headscissors to take him down. Back in and York tries a tornado DDT but gets sent out to the floor instead. Back in and King shows off a bit before hooking a chinlock. A spin kick is caught in a kind of suplex by York and both guys are down. York grabs a cravate and hooks a Russian legsweep for no cover but a running kick to the face gets two.

They fight to the apron and York hits a cartwheel kick to knock Kenny to the floor. York hits a top rope double stomp to the back for two but walks into a jumping spinning side kick followed by a spinning Rock Bottom for two. Christian goes up for a cross body but Kenny rolls through into a cover. His cheating is caught and York suplexes him down again. A running roll into the corner misses King and a pair of knees to the ribs gets two. King pulls the hair again to take over and tries la majistral, but York lays down on him for the pin at 10:15.

Rating: B. I was getting into this at the end with all of the counters and wondering what it was going to take either guy down. The simplicity of the ending was a very nice touch as York didn’t flip or spin around but rather just laid down on King for the pin out of nowhere. I’m not sure I wouldn’t have had King win instead but it was a good match so I can live with it.

King lays out York with a reverse AA as Van Dam comes out.

X-Division Title: Rob Van Dam vs. Christian York

York is all banged up and can barely move but as Van Dam checks on him, Christian blasts him in the face. Van Dam blasts him down and hits a reluctant Rolling Thunder for two. Off to a surfboard followed by a triangle choke by the champion. With York’s head on the apron, Van Dam hits a legdrop to the floor followed by a jackknife cover for two. York gets up a shot in the corner and a SICK knee to the face off the middle rope to put the champ down.

They tussle back and forth until Van Dam hits a springboard kick from the middle rope for two. York gets two off a surprise rollup but gets kicked in the face again. The Five Star misses and another rollup gets two. Rob puts him on the top rope for a jumping kick to the face followed by the Five Star for the pin at 5:33.

Rating: C-. Not much here other than an odd booking choice. What did this accomplish exactly? York looks tough but at the end of the day he comes out as a loser and Rob won a match he was supposed to win. It wasn’t bad or anything but it doesn’t help either guy and it makes King look less important than he should. I don’t get this one.

Van Dam applauds York post match.

Park thanks the well wishers for their well wishes and is ready for his match tonight. He doesn’t mean to K-Fab us (“That’s an insider term JB. I don’t expect you to know what it means.”) but he’s going to use his OVW training to beat D-Von tonight.

We get a compilation of Park’s training videos from OVW. Danny Davis continues to crack me up with lines like “Do you know why it hurt? BECAUSE YOU’RE STUPID!”.

D-Von vs. Joseph Park

Non-title here. The fans are all behind Joseph of course…and then they split into dueling chants because the Impact Zone is annoying. D-Von yells at Park for messing up basic stuff and then goes behind Joe to mess with his hair. In something I never thought I would say, D-Von uses chain wrestling to take over and takes Park down to embarrass him. D-Von gets down in an amateur position but Park does some of the same chain stuff that D-Von did earlier and slaps D-Von in the back of the head. Funny stuff.

After D-Von rants on the floor for a bit, he charges into a hip toss, an armdrag and a one armed slam. D-Von knocks him to the floor in retaliation and rams Park into the steps. Back in and the buckle gets ripped off as Park is in trouble. Park blocks a shot into the buckle and pounds away, only to walk into a jumping back elbow. A clothesline puts D-Von down and Park hooks a double leg takedown and pounds away before going to the corner. Oh this isn’t going to end well.

Joseph goes to the second rope and hits a splash for two but D-Von sends him into the exposed buckle. It busts Park open and it’s Abyss time. A Black Hole Slam out of nowhere puts D-Von down and he loads up a chokeslam before snapping back into reality. D-Von grabs a rollup with a handful of tights for the pin at 11:40.

Rating: C+. The character is still funny, but they’ve been doing this same thing for months now and while the wrestling training is a step in the right direction, they need to something substantial with him before the charm wears off. It’s clear they’re building to a huge Abyss return, but I’m not sure when it’s actually going to happen. Fun stuff here though.

D-Von blasts Park with the belt post match.

Austin Aries says he’ll win.

Knockouts Gauntlet Match

Winner gets a title shot at some point in the future. We start with Gail Kim vs. Tessmacher and they trade rollups to start. Tessmacher can’t hit her Stinkface and Kim clotheslines her down for two. Gail goes up but gets crotched, allowing Tessmacher to hit an X-Factor out of the corner for two. That means nothing though as Gail makes her Eat Defeat for the first elimination.

Next in is ODB who stops a charging Gail on the ramp. Back in and Kim gets spanked because that’s what happens in women’s wrestling. A splash crushes Gail and there’s a bronco buster to hammer in the point. They trade rollups and Gail avoids having her face rammed into ODB’s crotch before rolling her up with tights for the pin.

Mickie James is in next and she takes Gail down quickly, only to get caught by a running shoulder in the corner. A neckbreaker puts Gail down as do an enziguri and a flapjack. We head to the floor for a headscissors from James before heading inside where Gail molests the referee. A rollup on Mickie with another handful of tights gets another pin.

Velvet Sky is the last chick in this so she can beat a weakened Gail which is supposed to make us care I guess. I can live with Velvet in a catsuit though. Gail sends her into the barricade but poses on the ropes instead of covering. A cradle gets two for Gail but she gets caught holding the ropes. Sky hits her sitout Pedigree for the pin at 12:00. Gail had her foot under the ropes so I’m sure a triple threat is coming.

Rating: D. I can’t stand gauntlet matches for one reason: they’re nothing but a collection of short matches that don’t have time to develop at all and usually result in a bunch of stupid finishes. On top of that, this was your usual worthless female wrestling with stupid moves that are supposed to be sexy but come off looking completely stupid. I’m sure a triple threat match is coming because that’s how wrestling works.

Daniels and Kaz make fun of James Storm and drink an appletini. Storm apparently has permission to worship them now.

James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels

The winner gets a title shot at the 1/24 Impact. Kazarian apparently has an official manager’s license and gets to stay at ringside. Storm takes him down to the mat with a headlock for a good while before Daniels is sent to the outside. Storm immediately follows and pounds away before sending him back inside to pound away some more. Kaz interferes as you would expect him to, allowing Daniels to drop Storm’s arm across the ropes to take over.

The arm gets sent into the buckle and Daniels gyrates his pelvis a bit. Daniels pounds away on the arm but Storm punches back with his good arm. More cranking on the arm slows James right down again and Daniels grabs an armbar. By that I mean he holds the thing for like two minutes before Storm fights up and hooks a Russian legsweep. A backdrop puts Daniels down again and a top rope elbow gets two for the Cowboy.

Closing Time is countered by another shot to the arm but Storm comes back with the Eye of the Storm for two. The second try at Closing Time staggers Daniels but the Last Call is countered into the Angel’s Wings for two. BME misses and Storm pounds away but has to superkick Kaz down, allowing Daniels to hit I think an STO for the pin at 13:35.

Rating: B-. Decent stuff here but I’m getting annoyed at the rollups with some kind of cheating for the pin tonight. I’m digging the idea here of Daniels vs. Hardy as Daniels deserves a title shot given how funny he’s been lately. On the other hand though, Storm loses AGAIN. Who did he tick off to deserve this kind of a depush?

We recap the proposal from Impact because you knew we were going to get to this at some point tonight.

Here are Bully and Brooke, even though it’s 10pm and we’ve got two matches to go, one of which is an elimination match. Bully says Brooke looks hot tonight and talks about the guest list for the wedding. He pulls out his Twitter machine and takes a video of the crowd who is coming to the wedding. And that’s it. No seriously, that’s it. So glad we wasted PPV time on this.

We recap Doc vs. Sting, which is the result of a beatdown on Sting from a few weeks ago.

Sting vs. Doc

Sting fights off an attack in the aisle and beats Doc into the crowd before the bell as is his custom. We finally get back to the ring for the bell with Sting taking over. Immediately it heads to the outside with Doc kicking Sting in the ribs and sending him into the steps. Doc poses so Sting kicks him in the ribs as we head back inside. A big right hand drops Sting and it’s chinlock time.

Sting quickly fights up but gets splashed for two. They head to the ropes and Doc gets caught in them, allowing a Scorpion Death Drop to get two. The reaction to the kickout is a bit less than optimal I’d assume. Doc misses a charge into the corner and it’s Stinger Splash and Death Drop for the pin at 5:52.

Rating: D+. Sting’s matches on PPV tend to be far closer to brawls than matches but when you’re a legend like he is, you can get away with that I guess. Aces and 8’s continue to look like jokes but we’re WAY past the point of that surprising anyone anymore. This was about exactly what I was expecting to see, which is to say not much.

Post match Ray runs out to save Sting from the bikers who surround the ring.

Roode says he and Aries are going to work together to eliminate Hardy and the spotlight can shine where it should.

We recap the world title match. Hardy is against the odds, you can’t predict triple threats, you know the drill.

TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

We get some big match intros and this is an elimination match with Hardy defending. Feeling out process to start with Hardy taking over. Roode finally gets a shot in to Jeff’s back and the champ goes down. Hardy sends both challengers to the floor and hits a shot off the apron to take Roode down again. Back in and the spinebuster gets two on Hardy and as the champion goes up, Aries takes his leg out for two.

An elbow to Hardy’s face in the corner gets two as it continues to basically be a handicap match. Roode crawls back in and Jeff uses him for some Poetry in Motion on Aries. Jeff loads up a double Swanton but gets crotched by Roode instead. There’s a superplex to Hardy from Roode but it only gets two. Aries and Roode try a double team belly to back superplex but Jeff comes back to take them both out with the Whisper in the Wind.

Roode gets sent to the floor and kicked into the railing by Hardy but Austin kicks Jeff to the outside as well. Aries accidentally (I think?) crushes Roode against the barricade with the suicide dive before Hardy hits the Poetry in Motion to Aries against the barricade. The crowd is finally waking up here. Jeff loads up the Swanton on Roode but Aries breaks it up, only to get suplexed from the apron back inside onto Roode. A splash gets two on Bobby and Aries escapes the Twist.

Hardy tries to stack them up in the corner but walks into a spear from Roode for two. A discus forearm gets two for Austin and a Vader Bomb gets the same for Roode. Jeff is getting destroyed here. The running dropkick in the corner hits Hardy but the brainbuster only gets two. Roode tells Aries to hit the 450 but Roode shoves Hardy out of the way and gets two on Aries after the Payoff. Aries gets two on Bobby off another discus forearm and Roode’s spear is countered into the Last Chancery.

Bobby goes to the eyes to escape and there’s the Crossface to Austin. Roode counters a charging elbow by putting Aries on the top, only to get knocked down and caught with a missile dropkick. A running dropkick hits Roode in the corner but Bobby counters the brainbuster into a rollup. Aries backslides Roode and Hardy comes in to hold Bobby’s shoulders down for the first elimination.

So it’s Aries vs. Hardy here but Jeff is spent. The referee says Jeff got the pin which ticks Aries off. The Twist is countered but Jeff is sent to the apron and hits the Twist from there. The Swanton hits and Hardy retains the title at 20:29. Aries vs. Hardy was maybe a minute long at most.

Rating: B. Aries vs. Hardy was barely in existence and at the end of the day the elimination stuff wound up meaning nothing, but it allowed for a good story to start. Hardy surviving in the middle there was kind of overdone but thankfully he only cashed in on the work of others for the elimination on Roode which isn’t that over the top. Good main event here that was better than I expected.

Overall Rating: C. The main event helps this A LOT, as other than that we just had some ok stuff and a lot of boring stuff. TNA’s major problem at this point is the weakness of their midcard. The main event is solid but their midcard is completely uninteresting, mainly because of Aces and 8’s. There’s nothing there and the matches are treated as afterthoughts instead of a place to build guys up. WAY better show than last month but still nothing excellent.


Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez b. Matt Morgan/Joey Ryan – Frog Splash to Ryan

Mr. Anderson b. Samoa Joe – Mic Check

Christian York b. Kenny King – Cradle

Rob Van Dam b. Christian York – Five Star Frog Splash

D-Von b. Joseph Park – Rollup

Velvet Sky b. Gail Kim, Mickie James, ODB and Miss Tessmacher – In Yo Face to Kim

Christopher Daniels b. James Storm – STO

Sting b. Doc – Scorpion Death Drop

Jeff Hardy b. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode – Swanton to Aries

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  1. W.A.R. says:

    it was a pretty decent show, and I feel I have to admit my first TNA ppv in awhile, mostly because for whatever reason I always forget about TNA ppv’s.

    It may just be me, but for some reason I just can’t get into Kenny King. I want to like the guy, but he’s just…eh. he doesn’t do anything for me yet. It was a good promo though

  2. Jay says:

    Only saw the Main Event tonight which was a decent Match. Not surprised Hardy kept the Title and I guess they are going to have him vs Aries at Lockdown.

  3. Not Jay says:

    WHAT A HORRIBLE SHOW! TNA sucks. Can’t wait for RAW tomorrow. Call your friends, heck, call your enemies because RAW is totally gonna be awesome!!!

    M.R. Reply:

    Don’t worry, this hasn’t gotten old at all…..