Shield Attacks Rock

People have been wanting this and now they got it.  I didn’t expect they would actually go there but it’s definitely something interesting to see.  I still think Rock wins the title on Sunday but they’ve definitely made it more interesting now.

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  1. Evan says:

    BROCK is coming back. Rock mentioned that he and his opponent will “break box office records” this year. Cena-Rock II, Punk-Taker, and HHH-Lesnar II isn’t going to break last year’s record.

    I love me some Cena, but DAMN… We don’t need Rock-Cena II… It makes too much sense for Brock to interfere in this ; Rock is already there so a ton of people will be watching anyways, so why add the extra viewers by advertising Brock ? ….

    The SHIELD can’t interfere ; nothing about anybody else, leaving the door open for Brock to make a return.

    WHO THE HELL ELSE IS LESNAR GOING TO TAKE ON ? He has no storyline at this point, and the only other thing I could see him doing would be taking on Taker for the streak at Mania, leaving Punk out in the cold for a big time match.

    The obvious HEYMAN factor. You think Brock’s just gonna come back and not affiliate himself with Heyman, or Punk/Brock won’t acknowledge themselves both as being “Paul Heyman Guys”?

    They have a chance to do something special here with the biggest MMA draw ever against statistically the biggest PPV draw for the WWE and a legit action star. There’s your box office records right there.