Dolph Ziggler At And After The Rumble

Coming into the Rumble, Ziggler was a big topic of conversation but last night not much happened.Ziggler had talked about cashing in MITB but he didn’t.  He talked about winning the Royal Rumble but he didn’t.  He’s been losing a good deal of his matches recently and while he’s certainly impressive with some of his matches, he hasn’t really won anything other than at TLC where he was defending what he already had.  Other than that, Ziggler hasn’t really accomplished much lately.  He has until July to cash in his case and as usual it seems like a matter of time before he does it.


I’m not sure what they’re doing at the moment because they’ve kind of booked themselves into a corner.  With Del Rio getting over very well as a face, that gives a minimum of four people who could be in the world title match at Wrestlemania: Orton, Ziggler, Sheamus and Del Rio.  Odds are it won’t be Ziggler in the title match but it’s clear that he’s going to have a top level match.  I’m thinking he gets put with Del Rio, although not for the title.  There’s always a chance he’ll cash in before Mania, perhaps after the Chamber.


Either way, Smackdown is pretty awesome at the moment with their title picture.

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  1. chris says:

    Agree wholeheartedly, 3 fresh young guys and orton while not fresh hasn’t been seen much in the last 6 months. Looking forward to those matches