WWE Poaching TNA’s Territory

This is an interesting story that I only see one side to for the most part.As you’ve likely heard (at least you have if you follow this site, which you should), TNA is taking their TV tapings national, meaning they’ll be going around the country.  WWE has started going to mid-sized areas around the same areas for house shows to try to sabotage TNA.  Some TNA fans are crying foul over this, but I have absolutely no problem with TNA doing this.


TNA is the company that tried to start the second Monday Night Wars (remember that pitiful attempt?).  Now they’re trying to go national to compete with WWE.  Look at what WWE has done both times: they’ve fought back.  How can TNA fans claim that this is unfair?  It’s like picking on someone and then getting annoyed when they punch you in the jaw.


TNA is the company trying to move up the ladder.  If the people at the top of the ladder don’t want them there, they can fight back.  You can’t try to move up and then complain that a larger company is playing unfair.  In the words of Scott Hall, TNA wanted a war and now they’ve got one.  The problem is WWE has a lot more bullets and much bigger tanks.


I really don’t see how WWE has done anything wrong here or why TNA and/or its fans have any reason to complain.  If WWE is viewing them as an annoyance (saying WWE views them as a threat at this point is laughable at best) and wants to crush them, I’d think of that more of a good sign for TNA than anything else.

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  1. The Killjoy says:

    It’s not that it’s a jerk move or business. It’s that it’s a little silly to think WWE is going out of it’s way to lock out smaller arenas for house shows when they host these show on major venues already. It’s as if WWE decided to take a step down just to keep TNA under check. I still see it as crap produced by the dirt sheets.

    Have you read the latest one saying WWE plans to keep their talent busy just to keep them away from TNA guys during Wrestlemania weekend? What? Are they going to put the WWE talent under curfew or some shit?