Thought of the Day: TNA’s Latest Jab At WWE

Is this supposed to be funny or something?Let’s see: we’ve got a boss with a huge ego who has a good looking daughter.  An upper midcard heel marries said good looking daughter and will likely get a title shot out of it very soon.  The loud heel turns face and now has a quad injury.


In case you’re not making the connection, I’m talking about Vince, HHH and Stephanie.  Sound familiar?


  1. The Killjoy says:

    Yes. It started having it’s flashes since December and it became obvious with the wedding. Chances are they both turn on Hulk due to him doubting them for so long.

    But why is that a jab? Seems like a good idea given that angle is 14 years old.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Given that it’s Hogan, I’m betting he thinks it’s satire or something like that.

  2. MrHashasheen says:

    … Isn’t Bully Ray’s injury real?

    The Killjoy Reply:

    It is. Which begs the question of whether he’s good for Lockdown or not.

  3. Jay H. says:

    Hogan must have gone back and watched every Episode of RAW & Smackdown from Late 1999/2000 and said Brother that was good I think we can do it better.

    The Killjoy Reply:

    Not at good as Triple H/Steph but at the same time it’s not as overly dramatic. Yet. Plus, it seems to have become TNA’s biggest rating’s grabbing story in a good while so at least it’s doing some good and the idea of Bully Ray dominating TNA with Brooke Hogan by his side is intriguing.

  4. Jay H. says:

    Oh I totally agree the HHH/Steph stuff was good. I was just saying what Hogan was probably thinking.

  5. james gracie says:

    I would like this more if it didn’t involve Brooke Hogan. I mean she is just a terrible actress and she ruins these scenes she’s in because of it. It’s not a good sign when I would choose Stephanie McMahon over someone.

    Meanwhile Roode/Aries and Daniels/Kazarian(they’ve cooled a bit) are absolutely killing it with their act but Brooke Hogan gets more airtime than all 4 combined. Come on TNA, stop making it easier for the haters!

  6. james gracie says:

    One last thing because Nepotism anywhere pisses me the hell off, but if all these young up and comers have to go through a Gut Check or a Boot Camp to get a spot on the roster, how come Brooke can just come in without paying any dues whatsoever? I’m not stupid, I know the answer. I see nepotism enough in the real world and it pisses me off when I see it on my ‘escape’ from the real world.

    The Killjoy Reply:

    Because she’s not a wrestler.