Thought of the Day: Zeb Colter And Jack Swagger

I’ve read this elsewhere and it’s a good question:Are we supposed to be cheering for illegal immigrants?  Swagger and Colter are clearly the heels, so we’re supposed to cheer people they hate right?  Who is this character supposed to appeal to?  Immigrants?  Republicans?  The Tea Party?  Fans in general?  It’s interesting but rather head scratching at the same time.  Also if he wants to taker America back from foreigners that look and sound different from him, shouldn’t he want to take the US Title from the European who speaks five languages?


  1. MrHashasheen says:

    I guess the Mexican holding the World Championship is more important currently? *scratches head*

    I guess we’re supposed to cheer Alberto right now, and the general concept that you don’t have to be a “Real American” to be an American. And meanwhile Tea Party idiots can cheer them based on their espoused beliefs, and there’s a nice dynamic going in that sense?

  2. Stormy says:

    My guess would be he doesn’t worry about the US title right now because either:

    1. Antonio Cesaro is here legally and is from a “non-threatening” non-border country. Maybe We The People think that Berto is an illegal or something.


    2. Cesaro hates what America has become just like Swagger. Both are trying to fix America, and there is a slight bit of respect for that, so Swagger doesn’t want to go after him right now. Once he loses at Mania, he will go after US Champ The Miz (he’ll beat Cesaro at Mania) probably.

    That got me to thinking. I think Jack Swagger should lead a stable. bring in a Tag Team, then a lower-card guy and have Zeb be the mouthpiece.

  3. M.R. says:

    It’s the WWE, don’t overthink it.

  4. The Killjoy says:

    You’re expecting logic? It’s a gimmick for a midcarder and it involves Dutch Mantel. It’s clearly going to have more holes in it that swiss cheese.

    This just seems like a bad mess to push Jack and Del Rio at once and will end once they piss off the wrong crowd. When guys like JBL did it, it made sense because the dude is loaded. When Swagger and Mantel speak, you’d think it’s a pair of skinheads that got their Gilletes stolen.

    Eric Reply:

    And that’s the point. It’s supposed to generate heat. Truth be told, the tea party IS very controversial and their views in a wrestling character make for controversy. People are supposed to dislike this character and I think they will. It’s just like Muhammed Hassan. Everything that dude said was honest and fair yet he had more heat than any wrestler this century. It was controversial at the time and it worked.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Century? No. Of the year? Yeah probably, but certainly not century.

    Eric Reply:

    The century is only 13 years old.

  5. Chrisman442000 says:

    Whatever happened to Muhammed Hassan? Last I saw he was getting thrown over the bannisters by ‘Taker. So who had more heat than him this century? As far as I’m aware he pretty much had to be pulled from TV as it was becoming a bit too real.

    I liked Lawler’s comment on Zeb/Jack – ‘I’m not going anywhere near that’. The WWE is treading a very fine line here and I’m surprised it hasn’t already backfired. The WWE has long been a fairly ‘Conservative’ organisation so these Promos frankly make me very uneasy. However, I’m immediately interested in Swagger v Del Rio so Vince’s cheap and exploitative storyline has clearly worked so far.

    I’m surprised they haven’t got more cheers. I thought the Tea Party was ‘over’ in America, or is it just a very vocal minority who’d have us believe that Rush Limbaugh speaks for Conservative America? The picture painted in the UK is that the Tea Party has a pretty huge groundswell of support, particularly in certain regions. Is this true, and is simple Kayfabe stronger than I thought, or in fact do most Americans, even conservative ones, think the Tea Party is a joke Fox news has mistaken for something serious?

    M.R. Reply:

    It is most certainly the latter, as the strong majority of the US recognize the Tea Party as a complete joke and view Limbaugh as an utter blowhard.

  6. klunderbunker says:

    Yeah, and there are still moments from that time frame with far more heat.

  7. The Time Traveler says:

    This is the most “current” angle WWE has done in years. I’m really enjoying it. Everything from rebuilding Swagger, to Dutch getting some work and the media taking the bait on the character make it fun.

    It’s basically Wrestling 101 and it hardly ever fails. Also, Swagger vs. Del Rio should be a good match.