Thought of the Day: Statute of Limitations

I’m watching Wrestlemania 14 and this question occurs to me:Shamrock keeps beating up referees after he wins the Intercontinental Title so the referee reverses his decision.  Even though the match ended three minutes earlier.  What is the statute of limitations for changing an ending to a match?  Could Shamrock have cut Hebner off in the parking lot six months later and have the decision reversed there?  Wouldn’t the thirty day title defense requirement be up for whomever the title is returned to?  I can feel the walls of the wrestling time continuum crumbling as I think about this.

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  1. MrHashasheen says:

    I’m assuming it’s something like a week or so tops, depending on how controversial the reversal is. There might be lawyers involved, arguments between the promotion and the stripped champion, potential promises of a rematch, vacating the championship and putting up a new match with a different gimmick, etc…