Thought of the Day: You Know Who Else Was Really Good At Wrestlemania?

Yet he never gets the credit for it….Randy Savage.  Let’s look at his Mania career.

Wrestlemania 2: retains the IC Title.

Wrestlemania 3: greatest match of all time.

Wrestlemania 4: wins the World Title.

Wrestlemania 5: main event, Hogan’s second best match ever

Wrestlemania 7: second biggest and by far best match on the card, Warrior’s best match ever

Wrestlemania 8: wins world title, match of the night


Why doesn’t Savage get credit for such a career at Wrestlemania?  That’s a fine career, let alone just at Wrestlemania.


  1. MikeCheyne says:

    Even the lesser Savage appearances at Mania are still fun. It’s not a good match at 6 (the mixed tag with him and Sherri against Rhodes/Sapphire), but the crowd is into it and the commentary is hilarious, and Savage does his best as a good heel. His match against Crush at 10 isn’t anything to write home about (I think the stipulation kind of kills it), but I get a chill with his mega pop when he enters and it’s a perfectly satisfactory way to end his Mania career (i.e., not as a heel, not embroiled in a title fight, but in a modest feud as a good guy).

  2. Jay H. says:

    I hope when Triple H takes over full time he can be the one to Induct Macho Man and his Family into the HOF.

    I agree with Mike that his Matches at 6 & 10 are very entertaining. The Mixed Tag is all kinds of fun and the Commentary with Gorilla & Jesse is so funny.

  3. chris says:

    Macho Man is in my opinion the greatest wrestler there has ever been. Great on the mic, in the ring, and unrivaled charisma. It will be a long time until someone like him comes along again.

  4. Si says:

    The early manias were headlines by hogan and carried by savage, by far the MVP of early manias