Wrestlemania 29 Preview: Pre-Show – Intercontinental Title: The Miz vs. Wade Barrett

What better place to start a preview than with the match that starts before the actual show?I’m still not entirely sure what these guys are fighting over.  I’d assume it was the movies they were in, but it’s not like that’s been mentioned for two weeks or so.  Barrett has been champion for months now and at times I forget he even has the belt since he loses so many non-title matches, including one to Miz a few weeks ago on Raw.  The idea is supposed to be that Miz is some kind of Figure Four master or whatever, even though he’s used the move for like three months and has only been decent at it for about two of those, so look for a lot of Figure Four attempts.

There’s a reason this match is going to be on the pre-show.  Not many people are interested in seeing it, it’s not going to be much in terms of quality, the title means next to nothing, we saw this match two weeks ago, and Barrett is a lame champion.  I’ll go with Miz to win here to give the fans something to “care” about, even though not many people care about him at all.


  1. Annonymous says:

    Do you mean Barret to retain? I think you mean Miz wining right?

  2. chris says:

    4-0 for the miz

    james gracie Reply:

    The mania win doesn’t count unless you are on the main show. So Miz will still be 3-0 no matter what.