Wrestlemania 29 Preview: Shield vs. Randy Orton/Big Show/Sheamus

If there’s a potential show stealer out there, this is it.Shield has been as dominant as any new group of people I’ve seen in years.  They came in and have instantly been treated like a killing machine.  Look at the names they’ve taken out: Ryback, Rock, Cena, Bryan, Kane, and now they have a shot at Orton, Sheamus and Big Show.  The questions to this match are will Shield stay undefeated and who, if anyone, is going to turn on their partners.  At the end of the day, it’s really hard to buy Orton, Big Show and Sheamus as working together well enough to do something Cena couldn’t accomplish.  The KO punch is certainly a wildcard though as it’s knocked out Reigns and Rollins before.

The thing about Shield though is they can only do these six man matches against dream teams for so long.  They’ve done two already before this show and you can only buy them as unbeatable for so long.  Either that or we’re going to run out of combinations to fight them in big matches.  My guess is either way, soon after this we get an amicable separation by Shield to go after some singles gold, perhaps feuding with Cena in singles PPV matches over the summer.  It’s clear Reigns is going to be a big deal and the other two are going to be well pushed also, but the question is when and against whom.

As for the match, I’ll take Shield to win with Orton turning on his partners.  Over the last few weeks he’s been playing the peacemaker between the big guys, which makes him the least likely suspect, which makes him the most potential heel out of the bunch.  Like it or not, that’s WWE logic for you and odds are it’s how things are going to go.  Big Show regularly changes from face to heel every three months or so and Sheamus is still very over as a good guy, so that really just leaves Orton.  I’m not sure if it happens during or after the match, but I definitely think it happens and Shield gets the win before breaking up on good terms.


  1. chris says:

    I always thought Ambrose had the most upside. Shield is going to win.

  2. Jordan says:

    The Shield angle has been executed to perfection. These guys won clean over a team captained by Cena, so I don’t see them losing here. The interesting thing in this match will be if someone turns. If it happens, pretty much everyone’s money is on Orton. If WWE isn’t ready to turn him, I could see Big Show turning on his team seeing that he still is a heel basically.

  3. chris says:

    I often wonder if they tell show to smile or not. So he remembers if he’s supposed to be a heel or not.